20 years of Christ Light will be celebrated today with a Mass open to the public

Considered one of the main tourist and cultural attractions of Santa Catarina, Cristo Luz monument, located in the municipality of Balneário Camboriú, turns 20 on October 4, Wednesday. On that date, from 7:15 p.m., a mass will be celebrated at the complex’s event venue, open to the local community and visitors, presided over by Father Pedro Daboit of São Sebastião Parish.

Access to the Cristo Luz Complex will be free on October 4 from 7pm.

The monument goes through the final phase of a complete revitalization in its internal structure, external and enlightenment, which began in April this year, a tribute to the 20 years of its inauguration when, at the time, received the blessing of then Pope John Paul II.

“We invite the community and tourists to a special moment of thanks, through a monument that symbolizes the most significant family values ​​and that illuminates Balneário Camboriú daily through its lights that represent peace, energy, health, love, nature, reflection and happiness . In addition, we celebrate the 20 years of this complex that has since contributed to the development of tourism in the municipality, one of its main economies, “said the director of the Cristo Luz Mário Pretto Complex.

On the monument Christ Light

Located in one of the highest points of Balneário Camboriú, the “Cristo Luz” is the second monument of the highest genre of the country. It was carved in mortar, and built in iron, steel and cement. It holds in its left hand the symbol of the sun that “illuminates and blesses the city and the tourists”. The Franciscan style of the monument is also illuminated by a special set of lights, which allows for seven alternating color combinations daily, which can be seen from various points of the city. The lights go up from 7pm.

Each color has a symbolic representation. The face of the monument remains white, representing peace and faith. In the dressing, the yellow color represents the energy; the green, nature; blue, health; the lilac, the reflection; the red, the love, and the pink symbolizes happiness.

Attractions of the Cristo Luz Tourist Complex

Panoramic views of the sea and the city can be seen through two belvederes at the foot of the monument. There is also the cave of Our Lady Aparecida.

Cristo Luz Memorial is another attraction of the place with permanent exhibition of photographic panels that show the history and the evolution of the city since 1.915 and the history of the monument and the complex.

The place also concentrates restaurant and pizzeria, snack bar, photo space, souvenir shop, event area and ample parking.

To visit the Cristo Luz complex, there are free buses all year round departing from various points of Avenida Brasil, in the center of Balneário Camboriú.

In the month of October, it works from Wednesday to Saturday, from 16h to 0h. Sundays and holidays, from 10am to 0am.