Air transport of cargo loads high of 5.9% in outubro

The Associação Internacional do Transporte Aéreo (Iata) disclosed data for global air freight markets, showing that on demand, measured in tons of cargo (FTK), subiu 5.9% in outubro of 2017, compared to the same period of year past.

The index represents a deceleration of annual growth of 9.2%, registered in September 2017, but exceeding the average annual growth rate of 3.2% in the last decade. A freight capacity, measured in tons of available freight (AFTK), increased 3.7% year over year in outubro.

“O aperto das condições de canada not quarter quarter see the air cargo industry apresentar or melhor operational and financial performance from a recovery of 2010 credit crisis,” says or general director and CEO da Iata, Alexandre de Juniac.

This is the 15th consecutive month in which the demand for super capacity or capacity increases, or which is positive for load factors, performance and financial performance. Embora at load demand permaneça forte, several indicators show that we can pass or peak of crescimento.

Or inventory index for bandages in the United States indicates that or period in which companies seek to replenish inventories quickly, or that generally, when air freight is driven, it is finished. Or new component of export orders of the Global Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) é estavel, with the rising trend two volumes of frete seasonally adjusted tem tem tem.

The airlines of the Latin American continent cresceram 7.2% na demand in outubro e 4.4% na capacidade, além do increase of 7.7% no international frete volume, in relation to the same period of 2016. Or number é quase novees to average taxa of five years, of 0.9%. Second to Iata, or index terte melhoras by conta da “recuperação do Brasil,” a maior economia da região “. Volumes of unsocialized international freight will return to níveis observed at the end of 2014.

As Asia-Pacific airlines tiveram 4.4% to more frees, a high of 3% in relation to the peak reached no post-crisis financeira in 2010. As North American companies cresceram 6.6% no volume of charges , back two 7.4% reached in September, more or number is higher than or average rhythm of crescimento last five years. in Europe, or crescimento foi of 6.4%, compared to 10.6% of the population, with a crescendo capacity of 2.5%. No Oriente Médio, or volume of frets increased 4.6% to 3.4% capacity. No mesmo period, or volume of international freights for 4.7%, compared to 9.2% more earlier.

Or African continent teve or higher increase in demand among all regions not more than 30.3% outperformed cresceu capacity 9.2%. During the same period, or volume of international frets increased 28.5%, more than or three times the average growth of five years, which was 9.4%. This crescimento explains-it peels high a track of com comcio com to Ásia, that apresentou crescimento of 67% us first nove months of year.

The Asia-Pacific region has the highest percentage of the world’s share, being responsible for 37.4% of the volume, followed by Europe (23.5%), North America (20.8%), Middle East (13.9%) ) and Latin America (2.8%). Em relação ao FLF, index used to measure or volume of cargo transported, Asia-Pacific has 56%, Europe 48.7%, Middle East 47.2%, North America 37.9%, Latin America 37.5% Africa 26.8%. Expectations are that you will be frete cresçam em 2018, which will be slower, in relation to 2017.

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