Airline suspends flights to Puerto Rico until the 30th


Copa Airlines operations for Puerto Rico are suspended until September 30. In a statement, the Panamanian company informs that, as a result of Hurricane Maria, flights to and from San Juan will not be carried out until the due date, due to the closure of the airport in the locality. On the other hand, the Copa confirmed that flights to Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, have already been restored and that the flights to Punta Cana and Santiago de los Caballeros will be normalized already this Friday (22).

In a note, Copa Airlines informs that in order to support travelers during this situation, it offers the following alternatives for passengers traveling to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico: for those who have issued a ticket until September 18, 2017, with a date flight from September 19 to October 5, there is the option to change the flight date until October 30, with change fee exemption.

Passengers traveling to and from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo or Santiago de los Caballeros: for those who have issued their ticket to any of these destinations until September 18, 2017, and with travel dates between September 19 and 26, we offer the alternative of modify your travel date until October 16, with change fee exemption. The modifications will be subject to the availability of the flights and the reissue of the ticket must be made until September 25.

Copa Airlines suggests that its passengers always check the Flight Status section of the company’s website to check their flight before going to the airport.


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