Airports of five cities in São Paulo are transferred to private initiative

On Wednesday (November 1), the São Paulo State Air Department (Daesp) officialized the transfer of five São Paulo airports to the consortium Voa São Paulo. The decision had already been made in March with the bidding, but operations were started only earlier this month.

The airports Artur Siqueira (Bragança Paulista), Campo do Amarais (Campinas), Antônio RIbeiro Nogueira Jr. (Itanhaém), Gastão Madeira (Ubatuba) and Commander Rolim Adolfo Amaro (Jundiaí) will be operated for 30 years by the consortium, which paid R $ 24.4 million to the public coffers.

In contrast, the group of five companies will invest more than R $ 93 million in improvements in equipment. Runway and infrastructure systems, courtyards, signposting, passenger terminal refurbishment and modernization in general are just a few of the points made by the consortium.

Photo: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas / Valor Econômico