Autumn in the parks of Prague

Prague’s historical parks and gardens are one of the treasures of which the city of a hundred towers prides itself. These are places where Prague residents and visitors often gather, picnic, rest or play sports.

If the option is to escape to a magical world of trees, flowers, well-cultivated lawns, small lakes and fountains, then the tip is for one of the two hundred parks that were established from the Middle Ages, now forming the green lung of the city on the banks of the Vltava river. Just as New York has its Central Park, Prague has its Stromovka. This extensive park was once created in the thirteenth century by the Czech king premislita Otakar II, being one of the favorite resting places in Prague. Here a green oasis with water surfaces, tall trees, children’s playgrounds and well-kept lawns invite you to sit down to read a book, sunbathe or organize a picnic with friends. All this in the shadow of a beautiful summer palace, which belonged to the lieutenant governor of the place, giving the park a real atmosphere of game reserve.

Another beautiful park in Prague stretches around Petřín hill. This is the place that the praguenses, simply love in the spring, when the hill blossoms with thousands of flowers of fruit trees, or in the autumn, when it is dressed of all colors.

Another option not to be missed is to spend an afternoon, on a hot day, in the Letná Park with the beautiful panoramic views of Prague and its hundreds of towers with a glass of Czech beer. Thousands of people and visitors to Prague spend their free time in this way. Its great extension and its geographic location in the city favor the plain of Letná to become scene of great events.

Want to find a true paradise of peace, amidst the bustle of the big city? A place to meditate or read your favorite book? In this case, the option is Jardins do Vojan. Under the magnolias, how about watching the beautiful peacocks, an indispensable element of this park. A basket with a snack, a blanket, a book and sunglasses is all that is needed to spend a good day in the Rieger Gardens and, sitting on the carefully kept lawn, enjoy the breathtaking views of Prague Castle and the Malá Strana quarter .

For those who like to fly kites the place is the beautiful Coto Hvězda, which surrounds the summer palace of the same name, built in the form of a six-pointed star and that presents the ideal conditions. The reserve was used previously to celebrate festivities and fights of the Renaissance aristocracy, being today one of the favorite places to relax, near the center of Prague.

Romantic souls will love the Park of Kampa Island, really inviting for moments of enjoyable leisure. Or rest in the beautiful Franciscan garden, located between Wenceslas Square and Jungmann Square, which in summer is covered with pink flowers that rise by metallic arches that decorate the grounds.

The splendid palatial gardens of the Malá Strana district will be a true enchantment for the eyes and soul. They bring together a perfect world of elegant architecture, the art of gardening and the sights of Prague that impress. Like wine? Then the place is the Grébovka park in the neighborhood of Vinohrady where the vine is grown since the time of Emperor Charles IV and where it is possible to sit in a beautiful gazebo for a glass of wine in the midst of the vineyard or take a walk through a magical artificial cave that appears in several Czech fairy tales.