Aviesp’s statute changed: see what changes

Without the Expo this year, Aviesp convened a regular assembly during its annual convention held at the Royal Palm Plaza last Monday (27), and saw the members unanimously approve some statutory changes. The highlight is for the opening of the range of action to be able to operate in the entire state of São Paulo and border states – Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, in the case. Article 43, which provides for the possibility of association of Aviesp with other entities of the trade, was also exalted by the directors.

“[The changes] will make Aviesp innovate, think about the future and, in particular, align with other entities,” said the association’s president, Fernando Santos.

With the change of status, Aviesp starts to “speak the same language” as Abav, fitting into the federative system of the national association and facilitating a great union already planned for 2018.

Changes such as the start of electronic election, the shortening of term for president and board of directors from three to two years and changes in nomenclatures were also approved in the assembly.

Check below, in full, the changes of status approved by Aviesp members.

Check below, in full, the changes of status approved by Aviesp members.

Art. – Area of ​​activity / scope – SP State and bordering states.

§ 2 – seat in which city of the state of SP.

Art. 4º. – end of honorary member.

Art. 7º. – Only founding member and holder have political rights.

Art. 9 and 27 – Creation of the Council of former presidents (formed by Executive and Deliberative Council).

Art. 11º. – new attribution of the General Meeting – approve the Fiscal Council’s opinion.

Art. 12º. – Convocation of acts by electronic means.

Art. 13. – Ordinary Assembly once a year on which date and election in the last semester of management = relation with new fiscal calendar – art. 39.

Article 18 – Alters the nomenclature of the Executive Board to the Executive President, an Executive Vice-President, an Administrative Vice-President and a Financial Vice-President.

Art. 26 – single paragraph – distance and electronic manifestation of the Fiscal Council.

Art. 30 – inclusion of the results of the Aviesp events in the income concept.

Art. 32 – Elections by electronic means. – reduction of the number of members of the Deliberative Council for 12 holders and 02 alternates and of the Fiscal Council for 1 alternate.

Article 33 – creates the possibility of election by acclamation, linking to the existence of a single competing plate.

Art. 34 – Creates the electronic election, to be regulated by edict, following existing norms and existing standards.

Acts 36 and 40 – change the mandate of the Board of Executive Officers and Councils to begin on July 1, for three years, extending the current mandate until 06/30/2019.

Article 42 – regulate electoral capacity

Art. 43 – allows association with other entities of the trade, setting requirements.