Carmelo: discover the little Tuscan Latin American

Founded by José Articulos (national hero) in 1816, Carmelo is located in the department ofColonia and just over 3 hours from the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. A neighbor of Colonia Del Sacramento, just 50 minutes away, she is small and shy, like the small bottles of perfume, which surprise and impress with the tremendous potential.

Owning a natural landscape full of beauty and serenity, for years Carmelo has seduced thousands of tourists in search of rest, tranquility, beauty and convenience. Its yachting harbor and the extensive beach area attract nautical and beach sports enthusiasts. Considered by the American newspaper, New York Times, as the small Tuscany of Latin America, it has little more than 20 thousand inhabitants and is one of the largest producers of wine of the region.

The little town embraces the visitor who feels at home and is able to relax with the interior climate. Great hotels are present and offer guests everything needed to enjoy and enjoy life even more. This sensation can be complemented by the gastronomy of the restaurants: very homely and full of flavor.


Regarded by many a romantic destination is perfect in any season. In summer, the city bordering the Rio de la Plata receives tourists who bathe in the sun and water of the river, less muddy there. Visitors rent kayaks, shop for waterfront tours, and ride bikes through quiet alleys. Night life begins after 10:00 p.m. and restaurants are crowded until 1:00 p.m., in the village there is no ballad. During the day Carmelo awakens late, at 10am the city begins to pulsate.

In winter you will discover the explosion of the flavors of the wines harmonized with cheeses and meats, the climate of the fields with the morning fog, and the mysterious and intimate air of the small center are a show apart. Vineyard tours can be purchased at the most traditional hotels: Narbonne, Irurtia and Bernardi. In addition to the strength of viticulture, the charming Carmelo also produces exceptional oils and livestock fields.

Many visitors cross the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires by ferry boats to Colonia and then by bus or car you can reach Carmelo. It is common to spend a season in Buenos Aires and take a trip to the city, as many hotels and tour operators in the capital of Buenos Aires promote this tour.

Among the several attractions of the city is the revolving bridge, which crosses the Las Vacas stream, the only one in South America that is lifted by human traction; the Jesuit ruins of the resort of Belén, known as the “Calera de las Huerfanas” and the resort Narbona (Uruguay’s oldest building and retains its original architecture).

How to get

Carrasco International Airport is 18 kilometers from the center of Montevideo, which is just over 4 hours from Carmel by bus or car. The Laguna del Sauce International Airport in Punta del Este is 26 minutes from Punta and 5 minutes from Carmelo.

The new Carrasco International Airport was inaugurated in 2009 and is considered one of the most modern and attractive in the world. From there it is easy to join the center of Montevideo and the destinations of the east coast, with direct buses to both places. It is also possible to hire a transfer, take a taxi or rent a car from some of the rental companies located there.

Boats and ferry boats link Buenos Aires-Colonia or Buenos Aires-Montevideo, include the possibility of moving cars. Many sports ports also allow access with private craft. The company Cacciola makes the route between Tigre and Carmelo, with packages that complete the Buenos Aires-Montevideo section by land.