Colombia, the best destination for vacations

Natural landscapes, biodiversity, beaches as well as an immense historical wealth are just some of the elements that make Colombia one of the most sought after tourist destinations in South America. The hotels Mercure Bogota bh Retiro and Mercure Bogota bh Zona Financiera in the Colombian capital are excellent options for those going to the country. The Mercure Emile Santa Marta is a unique experience to enjoy the Colombian Caribbean while on vacation.

Each of the cities has a special charm that allows travelers from all over the world to look for different options when choosing their destination.

Bogotá – one more capital

The city of Bogota is not only the capital of Colombia, but has been the cultural, political and economic epicenter since the time of conquest and colonization. Founded in 1538 by the Spanish Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, Bogota is the host city of the Colombian government and still retains the architecture of the colonial and republican era.

The capital has different architectural contrasts showing buildings from the colonial era in the sector of La Candelaria with large churches, such as San Francisco and Santa Clara, dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, respectively, and beautiful republican style houses, which are sites of several embassies and state and private institutions.

The Byke in Matheran

The magical beaches of the Caribbean Sea in cities such as Santa Marta, where the imposing Sierra Nevada, Tairona National Park, the Lost City, La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandria, where the Liberator Simon Bolivar died; or the city’s cathedral, the first South American basilica dating from 1765, are just some of the places for a spectacular journey.

Colombia has it all

According to Procolombia, Colombia is one of the richest countries in biodiversity with surprising data: between 45 and 55 thousand species of flora, especially endemic; 56 million hectares of natural forests, 22 million hectares of savannahs, as well as arid zones, wetlands and snow peaks.

The country has 20% of bird species in the world, 17% of amphibians, 8% of freshwater fish, 8% of reptiles, 16% of daytime butterflies and 10% of mammals. Between June and November each year, the country becomes the host of hundreds of species such as humpback whales and sea turtles that visit the Colombian coasts on the migratory route of the South Pole to multiply in our waters.

Bogotá and Santa Marta have all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday season surrounded by beaches, nature and culture.