Delights of traditional Czech Christmas cuisine

The lighted streets with festive decorations in the historic snow-capped towns, as well as the beautiful melodies heard everywhere, always create this typical Czech Christmas atmosphere, as well as the scent of traditional Christmas dishes. How about experiencing a delicious Christmas candy or the typical soft fried carp or a unique potato salad?

Christmas Market in Old Town Square
Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square), Prague, until 6 January.

In which Christmas market is it possible to taste all the special dishes of the Czech cuisine at the same time? According to the American news network CNN, the Christmas market in Old Town Square is among the ten most beautiful in the world, so it is worthy of your visit. In addition to a rich cultural program their stalls offer a wide range of products, and several of these tents are gourmet with special Christmas dishes and drinks to warm the body and soul.

Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov
Český Krumlov, South Bohemia, until 6 January

In the picturesque town of Český Krumlov, which is in South Bohemia, it is possible to spend a fabulous Christmas. The walks through the medieval center of this magical city are made even more pleasant thanks to the Advent markets in the traditional Czech style in Svornosti square. The aroma of festive punch, hot wine and Christmas sweets invade the streets, and traditional products are sold at the handicraft market in the first courtyard of the Castle. In many places in the city, special Christmas programs for children and adults take place, so the whole family can enjoy this exceptional festive atmosphere!

Four-course Christmas Banquet at Chateau Mcely
Mcely, Central Bohemia, December 24

Whoever wants to celebrate Christmas Eve as a king should visit the Chateau Mcely, Baroque palace that prepared special Christmas packages filled with activities, luxury and excellent gastronomy. On Christmas Eve the supper will have four dishes and those who wish to come only on December 24th can opt for the Piano Nobile restaurant where they will be served traditional dishes with very luxury and also the “houbový kuba”, traditional Christmas dish, fish soup, carp fries with potato salad ending with a delicious honey bread.

How about a hot wine while traveling through the region of Lednice – Valtice (Lednicko-valtický areál)
Lednice, South Moravia, from December to March

Christmas would not be Christmas without good food and drink. The most traditional Czech drink of the Advent period is hot wine scented with spices. It can be enjoyed, for example, while sailing on the Dyje Royal River, through the winter park of Lednice Palace which is part of the Lednicko-valtický area, the region with the most important monuments and natural landscapes in Europe. It is possible to sail by boat on weekends as well as holidays during the winter months from December to March.

Recipe to prepare the traditional Czech dish “houbový kuba”

In the Czech Republic the tradition is not to eat meat until the Christmas Eve supper. So this dish, which does not take meat is the most suitable for lunch. It is a traditional Czech cuisine dish prepared with pearl barley and mushrooms.

Ingredients: 500 g of pearled barley, 300 g of lard, 100 g of onions, 50 g of dried mushrooms, 5 cloves of garlic, butter, salt, pepper, marjoram and cumin.

Method of preparation: Wash the barley and leave to soak overnight. Put to a boil in a pan with a small piece of butter until it softens. Then add the hydrated mushrooms and the previously fried onion in lard. Add salt, pepper, cumin, crushed garlic and marjoram. Spread the mixture in a previously greased baking dish. Bake for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve with a small piece of butter and garnish with fresh herbs.