Germany has its own land of skyscrapers


In an area made up of skyscrapers and commercial offices in Frankfurt, Germany has its own Manhattan. In reference to the Main river, which is near the region, the German version has a little difference in its name: Mainhattan.

Although still popular for the presence of medieval architecture, the city underwent a number of modernizations since the end of World War II, and from the 1990s onwards it has been based on large buildings.
Although not widely known, Mainhattan houses Europe’s second largest skyscraper, the Commerzbank Tower. The building was built in 1997 and has 56 floors – corresponding to 260 meters in height -, it was until 2005 the biggest skyscraper of the European continent.
Still in Frankfurt, the 257-meter-high Messturm on 55 floors also makes up Mainhattan. Built in 1990, it has among its tenants names like Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Thomson Reuters. The building draws attention because it is shaped like a pencil.
The Westend Tower is about 208 meters high. In 1995, the building was awarded the “Best Building of the Year” under the category “multifunctional skyscraper”.
With many options for tourists, the old center is quite close to the commercial hub of the city. Among the highlights is the Römer building, built in the Middle Ages, which now houses the Frankfurt city hall.

In addition to museums, visitors can still check handicrafts and gastronomic fairs, which mostly still refer to medieval customs.

Photo: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas