Inauguration of a cycle path in Itaipu brings together more than 500 cyclists

The inauguration of the Santa Terezinha de Itaipu bicycle lane brought together more than 500 cyclists on the morning of last Sunday (22). The inaugural ride of the cycle path connecting the city’s urban perimeter to the Itaipu Alvorada Tourist Terminal, covered a 14-km stretch and was attended by cyclists of all ages.

Shortly after the tour, the official inauguration ceremony was held with the Mayor of Santa Terezinha, Claudio Eberhard, the Director of Coordination of Itaipu, Newton Kaminski, and secretaries, city councilors and other local authorities. The work is a partnership between the city and Itaipu Binacional, with investments of almost R $ 2 million.

Besides the bike path, another future investment is scheduled to take place in Santa Terezinha de Itaipu. According to Newton Kaminski, the revitalization of the tourist terminal has already had the partnership agreement signed and the works are expected to start next month.

The mayor of Santa Terezinha thanked the support of Itaipu and said that the bike path represents a milestone for the development of tourism in the region. “We discussed this project for a year from an operational and technical point of view, and we were able to get it out of the way. For us, it is a source of great pride and the support of Itaipu was fundamental, “added Eberhard.

Photo: Nilton Rolin/Itaipu Binacional