Meet the new ultra low-cost company from Canada

WestJet revealed last week the details of its new ultra low-cost company. Named for Swoop, the low-cost airline is expected to start operations in the summer season of the 2018 northern hemisphere, boasting an initial fleet of 10 B737-800s that will be based at the hub in Calgary, Canada. Swoop has even released a video on its own website that details its business model in detail.
Watch the company presentation video:

For WestJet Executive VP Bob Cummings, who is also the executive responsible for launching Swoop, the name chosen for the company denotes exactly what was planned. “It’s a powerful * verb that shows our planning to fly through the Canadian market with a new business model that will provide low-priced tickets and a great opportunity for more Canadians to travel,” Bob said.
The promise is that Canadians start to have a company with low-priced tickets, but without those services that any conventional company offers, as is already customary for customers of low-cost carriers. What we can expect are B737s with more seats than the same WestJet aircraft and the cost to take advantage of every service from food to beverages, checked baggage and seat marking.
* The word “swoop” in the dictionary of the English language means that something moves easily and quickly through the air, especially when it is about to attack. This is the case with certain birds of prey at the time of hunting.

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