Miami-Orlando route will win futuristic train that will route in 25 minutes


Orlando and Miami will have a futuristic train line, called Hyperloop One, developed by an Elon Musk company, which promises to travel more than 400 kilometers between the two cities in about 25 minutes, reaching top speeds to 1,200 kilometers per hour. The route was one of those selected by the project managers to conduct test rails facilities, announced on September 14. The train is expected to start operating by 2020.

There are also 9 other routes along the route: Toronto – Montreal, Glascow – Liverpool, Edinburgh – London, Cheyenne – Denver – Pueblo, Chicago – Columbus – Pittsburgh, Dallas – Houston, Mexico City – Guadalajara, Bengaluru – Chennai and Mumbai -Chennai, who were selected from proposals from more than 100 countries and destinations that were interested in receiving the test phase of transportation.


Photo: Reproduction

Source: Market & Events