New York and Long Island tourism agencies sign international marketing agreement

Discover Long Island and NYC & Company are joining efforts through a groundbreaking formal collaboration to promote NYC +, a concept that highlights Long Island as the “New York City Sand Footyard.” The international marketing campaign targets Canada and Australia, two issuers that have proven to be relevant to New York, and is a new model for regional promotion to inspire tourists to increase their stay by extending their stay and adding new destinations to the state from New York to his travels.

The NYC + collaboration, funded by a grant from the Empire State Regional Economic Development Council, began in September 2017 and features Long Island’s digital positioning and content on, featuring Long Island as a charming, urban- chic from New York. Additional activations in Australia and Canada will target the tourism trade and the media for more exposure.

“The cities of New York and Long Island are the perfect match for the international visitor. The iconic New York experience is on any traveler’s wish list and the ability to add Long Island to this universal tourist aspiration represents an immeasurable opportunity for our destination, “said Kristen Jarnagin, president and CEO of Discover Long Island. “New York City welcomes more than 60 million visitors a year; this partnership will allow us to create more brand awareness for our destination and to alert us to the possibility of visiting our coast complementing the classic vacations in New York. ”

“New York and Long Island are both attractive and welcoming to international travelers, and we want to collaborate with Discover Long Island on this new initiative to increase visits by Canadians and Australians to the region,” said Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Compan. .

The Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) initiative is a key component of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s transformative approach to state economic investment and development. In 2011, Governor Cuomo established 10 regional councils to develop strategic planning for economic growth for the regions. The incentives the New York market has distributed through REDC have been established to strengthen tourism and attract visitors to New York State by promoting destinations, attractions, and special events.

“This pioneering collaboration between Long Island and NYC is the perfect example of how regional economic development boards are working together to promote New York State,” said the chairman and CEO of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council Chair and Long Osland Association, Kevin Law. “Innovative collaborations such as this between NYC and Long Island, combining destinations for international audiences, benefit not only visitors but the economies of both destinations, which rely on tourism for wealth generation and job creation. A key initiative of Governor Cuomo is to extend New York City’s economic opportunities to the rest of the state, maximizing results for all.


Photo: Reproduction