Places for wine lovers in the Czech Republic

Those who prefer white wines should go to the historic town of Znojmo. Once there, you should not miss the monastery of Loucký, an ancient spiritual center, connected to the mundane aspects of life: just visit the huge cellars of the place. You will visit the museum of viticulture and the manufacture of barrels, or the Romanesque crypt. When you’re done, you can taste some wines. In the vicinity of Znojmo it is possible to make a multitude of excursions with the theme of wine. By bicycle it is ideal for enjoying the beauty of the vineyards and the picturesque landscape. In addition, the cycling routes between the vineyards form a network that covers the whole of southern Moravia. Among the favorite destinations you will find the blue wineries in Nový Šaldorf, the winery painted in Šatov, decorated with popular designs or the famous Šobes vineyard in the Podyjí National Park. In early September, in the historic center of Znojmo, the traditional historical harvest is celebrated, during which the new fermented wine must of the harvest (burcák, in Czech) is everywhere.


Another important center of viticulture is the City of Mikulov. In the Baroque palace, which dominates the City you will see the largest national exhibition of winemaking and a single giant barrel. You can visit the palace with a guide and also the city center. Once finished the tour, a local white wine tasting awaits you. Mikulov is usually very excited during the second weekend of September, the harvest of Pálava takes place. But the outskirts of the city also deserve attention. Did you know that it is from there one of the oldest examples of artistic creation in pottery: the Venus of Věstonice.a statuette of about 25 thousand years original from a village near Mikulov?

Modern Vitiviniculture in Ancient Lands
Within walking distance of the town of Mikulov there are other places that lovers of wine tourism should not miss. It is worth mentioning the old Sonberk vineyard whose history dates back to the 13th century. Its wine was supplied to the court of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The wine house that produces wines since 2003 and was proclaimed as the best winery in the Czech Republic continues naturally in the tradition, although it applies modern methods. Evident proof of this is the new building, an architectural work worthy of attention, which is perfectly connected to the landscape at the foot of the mountains. The winery produces authentic special white wines with an attribute of quality, exclusively from its vines. Fruit wines with a high mineral content and exciting flavoring flavors, such as the Ryzlink rýnský (Riesling do Reno) varieties; Pálava (crossing varieties of Savagnon and Muller Thurgau), Tramín (Savagnin), Sauvignon (Sauvignon) or Rulandské šedé (Pinot Gris). In Sonberk you can do two things: taste the wine and visit the house and its vineyards.