Star Wars themed area to be built at Disney

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will begin to be built soon. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the Star Wars area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios should become reality soon, as the theme park held a license for “Design D – Exterior Architecture and Stage Decorations” with The Nassal Company, maker of thematic environments for the park industry as a contractor.

According to the US portal, “Project D” would be codenamed for the new thematic area to be inaugurated in 2019. The Nassal Company participated in the construction of the Harry Potter theme area at Universal, in the attraction of Sea World “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, “by Legoland Florida and many others.

Architectural descriptions for ornamentation work include frames and sculpture, which may mean an intention to make the space city of attraction come true. The term “scenic elements” suggests the props and other structures that will make guests feel on a new planet as they leave Orlando.

The new Star Wars area is one of the most anticipated additions to the theme park. Disney said that customers will feel they can help turn the world into interactive experiences, such as flying at Millenium Falcom and being in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

Disney executives have yet to comment on the case.

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Source: Orlando Business Journal / Panrotas