The 5 Must Do Tips to Enjoy the Best of Seychelles

Anyone who has seen photos or heard of travelers who have known Seychelles know that this archipelago with more than 115 islands is a paradise.

Located in the Indian Ocean, this is a much sought after destination for romantic celebrations, but today it has been attracting different types of visitors.

All this because Seychelles offers numerous activities, local gastronomy, paradisiacal landscapes all with structure and vibrant energy.

This is a destination that appeals to young couples, families, divers and even golfers.

Below is a selection with 5 must-have tips to please visitors of different tastes who are looking for the best of Seychelles.

1. The 3 Seychelles Paradise Beaches

Anse Lazio: Surrounded by the blue sea, on the small and lush island of Praslin is one of the most incredible coasts on the map this beach is a must see and has rock formations that look like sculptures. Even here it is possible to snorkel near the rocks that are there.

Anse Georgette: A private and ultra exclusive beach and only accessible to visitors arriving by boat or to the privileged guests of Constance Lemuria, the not very extensive beach has its clear blue sea and transparency that looks more like a movie set. This beach is perfect for diving because it rarely has strong waves. It is worth to relax or have a picnic on this which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles

Anse Source d’Argent: It sits on one of the islands where you truly think you are in another world, the island of La Digue. La Digue is a paradise completely different from everything you’ve ever seen, in this island with a calm climate and with a great “vibe” you can see giant turtles, red birds among coconut trees and vanilla plantations. The sea is crystalline and it oscillates of tones between blue and green-water forming almost an oceanic painting.

2. Meet the Island of St Pierre

One of the most incredible tours is the boat trip to the Isle of St. Pierre. Whether you want to snorkel or simply snorkel, this is the point.

The island looks like a sculptural monument in the middle of the sea and brings together the most diverse types of colorful fish, turtles, stingrays and even mini sharks that are in such a perfect habitat.

Choose a boat or boat service leaving the port of Mahe or Paslin the two main islands. However because the distances are sometimes long from your hotel to the pier, the best option is to stay in a hotel that already has that has its own boat house as is the case of Constance Lemuria on Praslin Island. There they operate with the famous Anse Georgette Charters Pty Ltd which manages the friendly Nicolas Rossi, offers a complete experience.

3. Dive into the Delightful Seychelles Gastronomy

Seychelles has a unique gastronomy called “Creole”. Creole food combines fresh ingredients, fruits and fish with local spices and spices such as vanilla, black pepper, cardamom and other local spices and is rich and vibrant in flavors.

Dishes such as the red snapper (a large, tender, reddish-type fish) grilled only with a few spices, just like the octopus and tuna stews are worth trying.

To try the best of Creole food or simply a sushi or international cuisine of high gastronomy, guaranteeing very farsque ingredients and prepared by those who really understand cooking needs to research.

On the island of Mahé a hint goes to the Seselwa for Creole food and grilled seafood and the Cyann for a super fresh sushi with French influenced dishes give it good water. Already in Praslin for a more elaborate experience with touches of French cuisine in a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere experienced the menu of the Divalocalizado inside one of the best hotels the Island.

To close go to a few local restaurants in La Digue like Lambousir with rustic ambience but with delicious local and seafood dishes

4. Where to stay in the main Seychelles Islands

It is no wonder that Seychelles welcomes discerning travelers from all over the world who seek privacy and charm in a private paradise. The destination was chosen by Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, for the honeymoon, which already illustrates a bit of what to expect from there.

Stop if having the best of a lodging the first point that counts is the location, after all we want to be with foot in the sand and near the best beaches. Another point is the services and amenities offered by hotels because the distances in Seychelles are relatively long and to relax in comfort it counts a very good restaurant, activities such as yoga, biking, snorkeling and a complete structure in the hotel where it is staying.

If this still joins services and top cuisine, amenities for children, beauty salon, spa and golf course, then we are talking about the best of Seychelles. This is the case of Constance Lemuria, the best option on the island Praslin’s mandatory stop.

With an extremely privileged location and 3 beaches on its property, one of them being voted by many the most beautiful of Seychelles, the Anse Georgette. Other than that, this hotel was entirely renovated by renowned architects and designers like Marc Hertrich interior designer of France. The hotel is the only hotel in Seychelles with an 18-hole golf course to offer the finest in gastronomy, 4 distinct restaurants, a tennis court, gym, spa and boutique.

On the island of Mahé, choose Constance Ephélia, which, in addition to more than 6 restaurants with different cuisines and 3 bars, has a perfect structure for families, with climbing wall for teens and children, kids club and is facing the sea .

5. Visit the Valle De Mai

The nature reserve of the Vallée de Mai sits on the island of Praslin, and looks like a prehistoric film setting with its natural forest of huge palm trees and an important fauna, which includes several protected species. In addition to its exoticism and rarity, the Vallée de Mai has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One of the most desired rarities is the coconut, the huge and intriguing fruit of a palm tree of this archipelago that takes almost 30 years to grow and is marketed by small fortunes for Russians and Chinese. Another important species is the black parrot, the Seychelles’ national bird. This is a tour that besides fun makes you realize how rich is the fauna and flora of this archipelago. Legends tell that this was the old garden of Eden.