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10 Tips to Enjoy the Best of India

In 2018, Latitudes, specializing in knowledge travels, focuses on India to present the country’s cultural splendor and diversity, including routes that run away from the traditional. With expertise and in-depth knowledge of destination, Latitudes professionals also give tips to anyone who wants to explore this unparalleled destination. Check it:

1. Attending the Fire Ceremony (AARTI) in Varanasi-The beautiful Hindu ceremony at sunset is a form of puja (offering), in which lamps are offered to the waters of the Ganges as a way of thanking them for the light that enlightens us all the days purifying thought, spirit and body.

2. Ayurvedic massage – Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, is more than 5,000 years old and massage is an important part of its techniques, with deep and vigorous touches and use of natural oils, stimulating vital energy, blood circulation and the breath. Unmissable.

3. Attend a Typical Dinner – Be part of a typical dinner where women wear sari and turban men stays forever in memory. The best opportunities to live this experience are during the dinners promoted in the hotels themselves.

4. Overnight at a desertcamp – Campsites are the best and most comfortable way to admire the unique colors of the desert and experience the traditions of local people. The desertcamps today offer all the comfort, with air conditioning, traditional music and delicious typical food for a memorable experience.

5. Living as a Maharaja – Some palaces that still belong to Maharajas are currently used as hotels. By staying in them you can experience all the miseenscène and the luxurious Indian receptivity in every detail.

6. Visiting the Taj Mahal – The hint seems obvious, but the visit is in fact a must see, especially if it’s a clean day to see the sunrise, with the whole sky in fantastic shades of pink.

7. Going to the cinema in Jaipur – Watching the Bollywood movies in loco is a unique experience. The Indians are crazy about movies, and Bollywood production is unbelievable.

8. Tackle – With this typical Indian mode of transportation you can explore every corner of the Delhi market, discovering all the local colors and textures.

9. Visit temples – India is a place of stunning religious temples. Visit especially the Hindu, Sikhs and Jain temples.

10. Sharpen the senses – Realize and be enchanted by all the sensory experience that India provides: sounds, unique colors, the unparalleled taste of local gastronomy. That is why India is so sensitive to our senses. Relax and enjoy every detail of the trip.


To experience this all, Latitudes offers the following roadmaps starting in early 2018:

Cradle of Religions and Splendor of a Millennial Culture – from January 13 to 28, the script shows the religious strength, diverse philosophies of life, the arts and architecture that make India a country with innumerable patrimony of World Heritage. Lucia Brandao, an expert on cultures from the East, accompanies the group to translate the country’s legacy that continues to inspire peoples and cultures around the world.

Tradition and Culture-The itinerary runs through the most vibrant cities of India, such as Mumbai, financial center and Bolywood, Delhi and Agra, and which form a mosaic of varied millennial influences and traditions. A local guide who speaks Portuguese accompanies the group, from February 3 to 15.

Festival of Colors (Holi Festival) – This will be the theme of the trip from February 25th to March 10th. Marking the beginning of spring, the Holi is celebrated all over the country, but takes on great proportions in Jaipur, surrounded by the spiritualized atmosphere of rituals and events that are part of the daily life of its inhabitants.

Pilgrimage and Self-Knowledge – The holy city of Rishikesh, at the foot of the Himalayas, is the starting point for the journey from February 25 to March 13, with practices, experiences, teachings and satsangs (teacher- meditation). The script ends in Auroville, a community created for the purpose of sharing brotherhood, freedom and human unity in diversity. The group will be accompanied by expert Marco Schulz, who for more than 20 years has been leading pilgrimage groups around the world and coordinating Simply Yoga.