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Adriano Souza, the Mineirinho, gives tips on beaches to surf and travel in Brazil

Surfing has won a growing number of fans and fans in the country since Brazilians such as Adriano de Souza from São Paulo, Mineirinho, have reached the top spot in the world at the WSL (World Surf League, the biggest championship in the current sport. starting, or wanting to follow the champion’s footsteps, Airbnb went behind Mineirinho to pick up tips from some of his favorite beaches in Brazil to surf and travel, the perfect match for the athlete. platform to book accommodation during competitions or training, as was the case of the house chosen for your stay in Maresias in the month of November.

Check out the list of the five best beaches in Brazil according to Adriano de Souza:

1 – Pitangueiras Beach, Guarujá, SP: That’s where I started, so it’s very special for me. There is a restaurant, Laranjeiras, where the food is delicious, especially after a morning of surfing. The vibe of the place really does me good and makes me have a lot of flashbacks.

When visiting Guarujá, stay in front of the waves in this apartment overlooking the sea at Pitangueiras beach. With four bedrooms and capacity for eight people it has inclusive beach service.

2 – Beach of the new Campeche, Florianópolis, SC: it is where I live today. A new location, still without many constructions, so most of the time I feel on a private beach with beautiful sand dunes. My tip is a bakery called Floripão, where I often step after-surf for juices, smoothies or a sandwich.

Stay in style in Florianópolis facing the beach of Campeche in this glass house that sleeps up to eight people comfortably and offers all the necessary amenities for rest after an intense day of surfing.

3 – Matinhos Pico Beach, Matinhos, PR: perfect wave to the right. One of the few point breaks in Brazil. Whenever the swell is good when I’m at home I take the car and drive approximately three hours from Florianópolis to surf there. It’s a unique place!

Checking the waves without having to leave the house is the dream of any surfer. And this is possible in this apartment in Matinhos. The beach front condo also has a beautiful pool, barbecue and game room in their common areas.

4 – Fernando de Noronha, PE: besides one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil is also a place with all types of wave and practitioners: from professionals to beginners. It’s Brazilian Hawaii! But check before boarding the island because the surf season lasts only six months. If we meet in Noronha, you will probably see me eating an Acai or Tapioca in the stalls of the center, a must see.

You will certainly feel part of the family when choosing this room at Casa da Neide, announced on Airbnb. Superhost, which has been on the platform since 2014, receives numerous accolades regarding its friendliness and cordiality from its guests.

5 – Itacaré, BA: Itacaré also offers the complete package. Several beaches with conditions for surfing, warm waters and beautiful landscapes with preserved nature. Bahian food is also an attraction apart and can be enjoyed in great restaurants in centrinho.

This home advertised on Airbnb in gated community is the perfect getaway for an intense day of surfing. Between the beaches of São José and Prainha it has five beds distributed in its three dormitories and has capacity for seven guests.