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Afraid of high, Brazilians already buy dollars for holidays

With the end of the year approaching, Brazilians who already have a trip scheduled to enjoy their vacations abroad begin to buy dollars so as not to have a surprise with the high exchange rate. However, according to Alexandre Monteiro, expert of the site comparator of currency BestCâ (, the strategy smarter not to suffer losses is to follow the oscillations throughout the year.

“Although there is a more conservative portion, which purchases slowly, in Brazil 80% of people leave to buy currency in the week of travel, and this implies the possibility of finding high values,” explains Alexandre. The expert says, however, that the greatest demand at this time is not related to the high or low exchange rate. “Dollar variation is influenced by many external factors, such as political insecurity.”

A comparison of the value of Dollar Tourism last October and this year, made by startup, shows that the scenario of the exchange to travel is very similar: the difference is less than 0.1%. “Whoever bought it until the end of last month did not have any big surprises,” says Alexandre. The average purchase ticket among consumers is US $ 1,500.