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Airline GDS rate will not be implemented in Brazil

The Air France KLM group has confirmed the news already made by the French press that from April 2018 it will charge, like the companies of the Lufthansa and IAG groups, a levy on reservations made in GDS. However, the company’s press office in Brazil has already informed that the rate will not be implemented in the Brazilian market. Here, the other companies also do not charge this distribution fee for issues involving Brazilian legislation in force.

The decision to apply a GDS rate is reported in the Air France-KLM group’s balance sheet in the third quarter and is presented as a decision to “adopt NDC to better serve customers.” NDC is the new sales platform of Iata and aims to standardize (and offer customization options) the exposure of air products, including ancillaries, to travel agents.

The information says that with the NDC (New Distribution Capability), described as an IATA-rich communication standard that allows the distribution of rich content and personalized offers, the group will “invest in options for partners access, reserve and sell “their services.

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Source: Panrotas