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Because of the canopy, the Brazilian Office of Tourism settles in Russia

Less than a year to host the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia received a Brazilian Tourism Office this month.

The ETB is responsible for gathering strategic information on the international markets that guide Embratur’s planning and supporting commercialization through the provision of data and promotional material on Brazilian destinations.

“The opening of the Moscow EBT is yet another demonstration of how important the Russian market is for Brazil,” said Embratur president Vinicius Lummertz. At no cost to its launch, the institute’s office will prioritize tourists who are among the top ten traveling in the world. “There was only a reshuffling of EBTs,” the president said.

“The Statistical Yearbook for Tourism showed that the number of Russian tourists in Brazil rose from 13,000 in 2008 to almost 24,000 in 2016, which has made us the country to be one of Europe’s priority markets,” said Lummertz .

According to the general coordinator of Competitive and Market Intelligence for Tourism, Alisson Andrade, the idea is to take advantage of the preparation period for the World Cup to publicize Brazilian destinations and products in Russia.

Source: Panrotas