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Brazil is the highlight of the hospitality industry in Portugal

In 2017, the Brazilian returned to travel more frequently abroad, and Portugal already celebrates the results of a brief recovery of our Tourism. By the end of September, the country had already surpassed 2016 in number of overnight stays in European destinations, with 1.52 million, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), against 1.48 million last year. Compared with the period from January to September 2016, the increase is 45%. The good news regarding the Brazilian tourist in Portuguese hotels, however, does not stop there.

The growth in September shows that Brazil has been higher than the domestic market itself. While Brazilians accounted for an increase of 30.4 thousand (+ 18.2%) during the month, the Portuguese accounted for 22 thousand more (+ 1.4%), and only the United States had a bigger growth, with 45, 1 thousand (+ 29.9%).

When analyzing that Portuguese hotels accounted for 46.2 million overnight stays during the first nine months of 2017 – an increase of 7.2% or 3.1 million -, Brazil represents 15.2% of this growth, with 472 thousand more than than the previous year. The domestic market, in turn, added 421 thousand additional nights compared to 2016.

Germany was the second largest among the largest emitters for Portuguese hotels, and also the second-fastest annual growth, with 312.7 thousand more overnight stays, followed by the United States (+ 286.2 thousand). Only in the fourth place is the United Kingdom, the largest international market for hotels in Portugal, having 209,700 additional nights compared to the previous year.

Check the numbers of the Portuguese hotels until September 2017 below.
Annual growth (%) September growth (%) Total nights
Brazil 472 thousand (45%) 30.4 thousand (18.2%) 1.5 million
United States 286.2 thousand (31.4%) 45.1 thousand (29.9%) 1.1 million
Portugal (domestic market) 3.1 million (7%) 22 thousand (1.4%) 46.2 million
Germany 312.7 thousand (7.7%) 26 thousand (4.2%) 4.3 million
United Kingdom 209.7 (2.8%) – 1.8 thousand (-0.2%) 7.6 million

Photo: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas / PressTur