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Brazil to have privileges at Ezeiza airport

The country with the largest number of visitors and those who spend the most in Argentina, Brazil will have privileges at the international airport of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires. The concessionaire that manages the equipment announced on Tuesday that, from December, the airport will become “brazilian-friendly”.

In practice, maps and plaques will have Portuguese versions as well as announcements in the sound system. In addition, in the supply of food will be available delicacies like cheese bread, with the practicality of the payment in real.

Each year Ezeiza airport receives 10 million passengers. Among them, 1 million Brazilians – the country with the largest issue, ahead, for example, of the United States (700 thousand) and Chileans (400,000).

Ezeiza is managed by the Corporación América holding company, which in Brazil has joined Infravix (from the Engevix Group) in the Inframerica charity, which manages the Natal and Brasília airports. This experience gave the group a “know-how” of Brazil, as the CEO of Corporación América, Martín Eurnekian explains.

“After five years managing the Brazilian and Brazilian terminals, we learned a little of Brazilians’ liking and we hope that this will make the experience of Brazilians even more profitable here,” says the executive, who also highlights the creation of a blog with tips on Portuguese.

“The idea of ​​making Ezeiza ‘Brazilian Friendly’, or friendly to Brazilians, is a way of thanking the enthusiasm of the Brazilian tourist who visits Argentina and also a means to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and become better hosts.”

Responsible for 17% of the international tourists of Argentina, Brazil is an old ally in the promotion of Tourism in the region. Argentina’s tourism minister, Gustavo Santos, values ​​Ezeiza’s initiative, which for him “increases trust between the peoples of the two nations, who also represent the two largest regional economies.” “We understand trust as a fundamental basis for deepening regional integration,” he adds.

Brazilian Minister of Tourism, Marx Beltrão says that “Argentina is one of the favorite destinations of us Brazilians and we have known for a long time that our ‘brothers’ also like to come to our Country. The Ezeiza initiative is an honor that will make bilateral relations even stronger and more fluid. ”

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Source: Panrotas