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Brazil wants to implement Chinese investment in tourism

The capture of investments for Tourism has been constantly discussed. Last Friday (24), the Brazil-China Seminar on Trade in Services, promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services of Brazil (MDIC), in partnership with the Chinese government, discussed the creation of a joint agenda for the presentation of possible business in areas such as hospitality and theme parks.

According to Rodrigo Marques, the general coordinator of Investment Attraction of the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, we must recognize with optimism the advances in the area and he also emphasized the importance of the approach with the Chinese market.

“Our expectation is that, with more Chinese entrepreneurs operating in tourism here in Brazil, we will significantly increase the number of tourists from China in national destinations. Chinese investment is effectively one of the ways that the country will attract Chinese tourists as well, “noted Marques.

The meeting is the first deployment of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in October 2016 between MDIC and the Ministry of Commerce of China for cooperation in the area of ​​trade and services. Under the agreement, the parties undertake to foster bilateral relations and to promote the exchange of information with a view to mutual investment.

Besides the Tourism, included in the plan at the request of the Chinese government, the memorandum encompasses branches such as information technology and communication, banking automation, outsourcing, transportation and engineering, among others.

It is worth noting that in 2016, more than 130 million Chinese traveled the world, but just over 50 thousand chose Brazil as their destination. The main interests of the travelers of that country are by Tourism of observation, nature, historical and cultural, natural vocations of Brazil.

Source: Panrotas