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Brazilian airline takes flights from Colombian partner

Facing a massive strike of pilots in Colombia – which the company considers illegal – Avianca Holdings has put into action a damage containment operation that changes several operations of the air, including in Brazil.
According to the Colombian company, from the 20th to the 24th, it was necessary to cancel 1,088 flights, 49% of the operations planned for the period. 97,700 passengers were directly affected, while another 12,800 had to be rearmed on flights from other airlines. This is what happens, even in Brazil.

While the São Paulo-Lima flight from Avianca Holdings did not change, the São Paulo-Bogota route was temporarily suspended and transferred to Avianca Brasil. Thus, flights AV85 and AV86 will be replaced respectively by O6-8535 and O6-8534, at the same time of departure and arrival. With the change, it will not be possible to perform the web check-in for these flights.

Avianca has announced other measures involving flights affected by the strike. Date changes can be made at no additional cost and via call center, while those who wish to cancel their travel will receive full. Already flights purchased through travel agencies must be managed by the companies themselves with their customers.
In addition, at airports with flights affected by the shutdown, Avianca claims to have staff prepared to rearrange passengers on flights from other carriers, or to reimburse those who are no longer flying. According to the airline, the shifts were reinforced at the points of service, with more than 200 employees.

The strike of the Colombian pilots associated by the Colombian Association of Civil Aviators (ACDAC) is considered illegal by Avianca Holdings, which has already filed suit against the movement in the Superior Court of the Judicial District of Bogotá. The protest is based on Colombian law that establishes air transportation as an essential public service, which would make the strike an act of “default that gives predominance of the interest of the private interest over the general interest,” the company says.

The airline also claims that there were “procedural flaws” in the ACDAC’s call, which would not have openly informed, in the call to the assembly of the category, that the vote would deal with a strike, and still have signed the decision with a minority quorum of workers present.

“As the country has seen on those days, air operations are essential and necessary for Colombia, and their interruption, albeit partially, seriously affects the logistics and economic connectivity and operation of the regions. of illegality to be prioritized and resolved as soon as possible, to allow the re-establishment of the service to our passengers, “commented the airline’s executive president, Hernán Rincón.

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Source: Panrotas