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Brazilians will not need visas to go to the United Arab Emirates

The Federal Senate plenary approved the text of an agreement between the governments of Brazil and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish visa exemptions for citizens of both countries. With the objective of allowing travelers to travel without the need of the document for business and tourism purposes for up to 90 days, in each 12-month period, the Draft Legislative Decree will now follow the presidential sanction.

“In April, when there was an MTur meeting with the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador, Hafsa Al Ulama, she praised Brazil’s attractions and was willing to promote our destinies,” said Tourism Minister Marx Beltrão. According to him, the ratification of the agreement allows the closer commercial relations and the attraction of Arab tourists to the Country.

Electronic View
In addition to the agreement that facilitates transit between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, the issuance of electronic visas for travelers from Australia, the United States, Japan and Canada is expected to begin by the end of this year. The initial phase of the project will benefit only the four countries mentioned above, at least for now, because they are considered strategic to national tourism.

The electronic system will provide the visa in a maximum of 72 hours after the request, which, according to the Ministry of Tourism, will result in an increase of up to 25% in the number of foreigners to Brazil.

Source: Panrotas