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Company launches purchase of miles with online and immediate quote

Increasingly valued by Brazilians, travel mileage accrual programs offer many advantages to their customers, but many end up wasting points that are about to expire and will not be redeemed for travel or products. In order to operate in this niche market, VIP Miles launches a new service of online miles shopping, which offers as a differential the system of immediate evaluation, in which the person interested in selling gets to know at the time the amount that will be paid for the points made available.

According to Leonardo Guilherme, CEO of VIP Miles, the idea is to break one of the bureaucratic barriers of this type of transaction and facilitate the process, bringing more agility to the whole process. “Our intention is to provide transparency to the consumer and help him gain benefits from miles that would not be exchanged within the expiration date,” he says.

Currently there are 4 main loyalty programs that accumulate air miles through travel and purchases in partners, they are: Multiplus (LATAM), Smiles (GOL), Amigo (Avianca) and Tudo Azul (Azul). “The fact that they are tied to credit card operators helps the consumer to accumulate more points in a shorter period of time. In this way, the sale of these miles could end up being a source of extra resources for those who need to capitalize, “says Guilherme.

The transaction is quite simple and is usually done online, through sites such as VIP Miles, which purchase the points to use in future air ticket issuance. “Payment is made in advance to the customer who provides access information for their account for later use,” explains Guilherme.

According to estimates by ABEMF – Brazilian Association of Loyalty Companies, around 57.3 billion points are issued per year, considering all loyalty programs, with 17.6% of points expiring before being exchanged by consumers.

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