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Domestic flights up 5.5%

With a record of five consecutive months of high, the domestic aviation demand in the Country obtained another positive result. In August, the index was up 5.5%, while supply registered growth of 3.6%. The data were released today by the Brazilian Association of Airline Companies (Abear), which also presented preliminary data showing a real downward trend in airfare prices related to Resolution 400 of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).
With the results, the sector’s utilization factor increased 1.4 percentage points, reaching an occupancy rate of 80.3% in the month – which, according to the association, reflects an efficiency compatible with the domestic market of U.S.

The total number of trips made in Brazil in August also registered an increase (3.9%), reaching 7.6 million passengers.

Regarding the participation of the airlines in the domestic market, Gol ranked first in August with 35%. In the sequence, there are Latam, with 34.1%, Azul, with 17.5%, and, finally, Avianca, with 13.3%.

The results of Brazilian airlines in the international market also showed growth in August. Demand rose 16.7% and completed 11 months of growth, while supply grew 18.1% in its tenth month of growth. Accordingly, the occupation was 84.5% – which, despite having decreased by 0.96 percentage points, remains “in the first world stage,” according to the association. The total number of international flights made by Brazilian airlines was 736 thousand in August (up 15%).

The participation of Brazilian airlines in the international market was divided between Latam, with 73.9%, Azul with 12.6%, Gol with 10%, and Avianca with 3.4%.

From January to August this year, Abear points out that the country’s domestic market has a 1.9% increase in demand compared to the same period last year. In the same comparison basis, supply recorded growth of 0.9%, while the utilization factor increased 0.82 percentage points, reaching 80.8%. The total number of passengers transported in the period also grew (1.1%), reaching a total of 59 million trips.

In the international market, the numbers of 2017 are more expressive. Demand accumulated a high of 13.3%, while supply has a growth of 10%. The profitability factor, of 85.2%, also improves in relation to the same period of last year, with an increase of 2.5 percentage points. With 5.5 million trips made, the number of passengers transported grew by 11.8% in the period.

Source: Panrotas

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