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[FESTURIS] Israel reinforces its plurality with a record of Brazilians

GRAMADO (RS) – Religious tourism is the flagship of Israel, but the Brazilian must lose the mentality that the country only lives on this attraction. For this, it has invested in our market through media and trade training. The result is coming. From January to September of this year, 37 thousand Brazilians visited the country, enough to surpass 2016 whole and to register 67% of increase in that period of nine months. In the 29th Festuris there were more training of the agents.

The probable Latam flight to be started next year will help greatly in the sale of Israel, according to the Tourism representative in Brazil, Carolina Dias. However, that is not all that is being addressed in training.

“We have a combination of spirituality, history, culture and nightlife, and we are a very plural destination, where in the morning we stroll through the biblical sites and, at night, it is possible to dine in an award-winning restaurant of high gastronomy. so we talk about Israel in Brazil, but the vast majority who will be surprised by an extremely modern, technological and safe country, “says Carolina Dias. “Jews, Muslims and Christians live peacefully and there is no conflict.”

In 2018, the State of Israel turns 70 and a series of attractions will broaden the reason for Brazilians to visit the destination, according to Carolina. “In addition to marathons and sporting events held annually, the country will host a series of celebrations next year, mainly from March to June. Many operators already report exhausted packages for the period,” he concludes.

Photo: Reproduction
Source: Panrotas