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Finland celebrates 100 years of independence with an exhibition of photos and videos at the Scandinavian Fair 2017

On December 6, 2017, Finland completes 100 years of independence, in addition to uninterrupted years of democracy. In Brazil, one of the celebrated actions will be an exhibition of photos and videos at the famous Scandinavian Fair, held annually in São Paulo with the aim of raising funds for charities.

Each year, the Scandinavian Fair elects a country as the main focus of that edition. This time, the choice could not be other than Finland. The exhibition held by the country at the fair will be an opportunity to tell its story and invite people to look back and understand how the nation has emerged, as well as look to the future and see all the potential that Finland still offers.

In addition, some Finnish companies will also be selling their products during the event, in order to help the causes supported by the Scandinavian Fair. Some of the brands that will be there are Iittala, which offers kitchen accessories with differentiated design; Fiskars, a famous brand for orange scissors that produces garden, kitchen and office articles; the Marimekko, which offers fashion products and decoration with exclusive prints; and Lumene, which has several types of cosmetics.

Finland is celebrating its centenary throughout the year with various events around the world. In all, there are more than 2,000 events and projects for the centenary, emphasizing Finnish strengths such as equality and democracy. The celebrations, as might be expected, are quite creative and include projects like a new design for the Finnish passport, with artwork depicting the landscape of Lapland, and even a satellite that will take pictures of the aurora borealis of space.

The theme of the year of the Finnish celebration is “together” and everyone is invited to attend. The ideal advocated by the country is that Finland was and continues to be a group work. That is why this global celebration is coming to São Paulo, with the goal of spreading the history of the Scandinavian nation and helping the local population through the work of the Scandinavian Fair.