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Get to know the operators’ plans for the World Cup in Russia

In a few days FIFA will make the draw that defines the groups in which the selections will dispute the first phase of the World Cup. An interesting date for anyone passionate about football, but of extreme importance for those planning to make the suitcase for Russia next June. That is because with formed groups it is possible to project with more clarity in which cities and when will be the matches of the selection that the supporter intends to follow.

Even so, the marketing of packages and tickets in Brazil happens since March, when a pool of operators led by Grupo Águia began sales. Companies like Environmental, MMTGapnet, Agaxtur, Top Service, Honor and Stella Barros form the group. The CEO of Projeto Copa, Paulo Castello Branco, spoke exclusively to the PANROTAS Portal about the operation, which expects to bring about four thousand Brazilians to Russia – three thousand incentive and one thousand leisure.

One of the major concerns in the organization of the packages is transportation to the country, which has no direct connections with Brazil. “We anticipate to negotiate with the airlines,” says Castello Branco, which guarantees that it already has 1.2 thousand guaranteed blockades of departures from Brazil in agreements with Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, British Airlines, Iberia, Turkish Airlines and Tap.

“My biggest concern has never been to reach Europe. From Brazil there are so many alternatives to airlines that would not be a problem. The problem is, from one point in Europe, to get to Russia because there will be a very large demand for the event, and the offer of domestic flights is not that big, “he explains.

Despite the continental proportions of Russia, the internal locomotions between the 11 venues are only two hours and 25 minutes (leaving Moscow). “Our two bases in Russia will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For all the other cities that Brazil will play, we will do the match day, that is, we will charter aircraft that will take off early in the morning from Moscow / Saint Petersburg and these airplanes will return after the game. That’s because in several cities there is a hotel deficiency. ”

Stella Barros’ sales director is also positive – without, however, addressing the expected collection figures. “Sales are on a curve similar to what happened in South Africa. This year we lived the question of the economic incognito in Brazil and this slowed down a bit. We see a very favorable pipeline and sales are at an early start, it is within expectations, “he says.

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Source: Panrotas