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High domestic demand in Porto de Galinhas gets more attention


The Porto de Galinhas Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Association of Hotels of Porto de Galinhas and the Department of Hospitality and Tourism of the Federal University of Porto de Galinhas, in order to outline the socioeconomic profile and behavior of travelers who visit Porto de Galinhas, of Pernambuco, a survey of more than 480 tourists who stayed in the region between February and July of this year.


The data obtained by the study indicate that most of the tourist demand in the region is domestic: 83% of the visitors were Brazilian. International tourists accounted for 17%, of which 82% were from Argentina and 10% from Uruguay. Other markets like Portugal and Germany appear with 3% of the emissions, while Chile and Spain represent 1% each. In relation to the national territory, São Paulo appears with the largest volume of tourists, with 47%, followed by Rio de Janeiro (23%) and Recife (22%).


Of the total volume of tourists interviewed, 79% reported being in the bathhouse for the first time. In relation to the main attraction of the destination, the binomial sun and beach is the most prominent for 95% of the respondents. In addition, 94% of travelers are interested in returning on a future trip.



In relation to the purchase of trips to Porto de Galinhas, 48% of travelers pointed out that friends and relatives exerted the greatest influence on the decision, while 44% indicated that travel agencies were responsible for defining the program.


“Porto de Galinhas is consolidated as a place for families, which helps to explain the preference for more traditional reservations channels accustomed to a less impersonal treatment,” says the president of the board of Porto de Galinhas Convention & Visitors Bureau, Otaviano Maroja.


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Source: Panrotas