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Learn how to get a visa to work and study in Australia or Ireland


To exchange and acquire a little experience in the job market abroad is the desire of many Brazilians. But for those who want to combine the activities of working and studying in another country, it is necessary to be attentive to some questions.

“It is important to know that not all countries allow work and study to be reconciled, so it is essential to search destinations well. Australia and Ireland are two destinations that have the job market very receptive to foreigners, which makes it easier to take the student visa, “explains the director of the Visa Division of CI – Exchange and Fate Travel Kaiser.

Thinking about this reality, CI will hold the Fair Work and Study – Ireland and Australia on September 16, in São Paulo, aimed at those who intend to make an exchange that combines language and work in one of the two countries. The fair will also take place in two other cities, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, on September 19 and 21, respectively.


The land of kangaroos is a great destination for those who plan to study and still find a job. With the appropriate visa, students who are enrolled in a school for more than 3 months can work up to 20 hours a week. “One of Australia’s distinctions is that in order to get a student visa, a person can choose to enroll in a vocational course if they already have a good level of English,” he says.

How to take the visa? First of all, you need to register on the website of the Australian Immigration Department. “Despite being in English, the information requested on the form is simple, such as name, reason for the trip, whether someone will travel along with the exchange student and the length of stay in the country,” explains Fátima.

In addition to the mandatory documentation, the Department may still request evidence of its financial standing and proficiency in English, depending on the course chosen.


The procedure for obtaining the visa for Ireland is done in the country of destination. “The first immigration contact the student will have will be at Dublin Airport, so he must have already prepared all the necessary documentation, leaving everything in hand and easily accessible, so as not to lose or forget anything on the way,” he says.

To obtain work permit in the country, the student must be enrolled in an English course above 25 weeks, and will have to register at the general immigration office, which can grant a visa for 8 months. “An important tip is to schedule the interview at the Immigration Office as soon as possible. If you have all the right documentation, you can book it here for Brazil, speeding up the process in Ireland, “the director said.

“In both cases it is important to make clear the intention of entering the country. In Australia, the clarity of completing the form will make it easier to approve the visa here in Brazil, and Ireland will increase the chance of acquiring the Stamp 2 visa, stretching your stay in the country, “concludes Fátima Kaiser.


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Source: DailyTourism