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Maritime company announces participation in the project for the revitalization of squares Italy Per San Paolo

Costa Crociere announces its participation in the unpublished Italia Per San Paolo project – Monumentando and Restoring the City, which aims to revitalize three important squares, which will be celebrating 70 years of operation and one of the main reasons for the arrival of Italian immigrants living in the city of São Paulo. of São Paulo (Italian Immigrant, City of Milan and Ramos de Azevedo).

The Costa becomes part of the association of companies of Italian origin that financially support the project, created by the Italian Consulate General of São Paulo in conjunction with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and has the partnership of the Italian Embassy in Brazil and the City Hall of the City.

“Italy Per San Paolo is an important initiative for the conservation and dissemination of Italian culture in the community of São Paulo. “We are an Italian flag company that has been operating in Brazil for 70 years with our best cruise ships. We have a strong identity with the country and the city of São Paulo, “says Dario Rustico, Sales and Marketing Director of Costa Cruises for South America.

The Coast will contribute to the recovery of the centennial Praça Ramos de Azevedo, an important postcard of São Paulo, located in the center of the city. For this square, the restoration of the monument that honors Antonio Carlos Gomes and the marble, bronze and granite sculptures that adorn the water source are scheduled, as well as the installation of interactive identification plates with information in Portuguese, English and Italian. access via QR Code.

Also planned are the revitalization of the gardens, the implementation of a new lighting project and the installation of high definition security cameras and photovoltaic panels in the shape of trees, which will allow visitors to enjoy the square and still charge the batteries of their cell phones and tablets.

“Contributing to the revitalization of Praça Ramos de Azevedo represents the preservation and appreciation of the affective and historical memory that connects Italy to Brazil,” adds Rustico. The reopening of the square is already marked. On December 16 of this year (Saturday) a big party promises to relocate the center of São Paulo and Praça Ramos de Azevedo in the cultural and tourist calendar of the city.

The Italia Per San Paolo project has the financial support and technical support of 23 companies. They are: Costa Crociere, Comolatti Group, Geodata, Luigi Bauducco, Pirelli, BCF Solutions, TIM, Enel, Graziella Matarazzo Leonetti / Andrea Matarazzo, Gavio Group, Papaiz Participações, GM Venture, IED, Dante Alighieri College, Intesa SanPaolo, Magneti Marelli , Lia Bridelli, Azimut Brasil, Opem Brasil, Prysmian, Tozzini Freire and Zaraplast.