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Maritime company says it will have the “best wi-fi cruise industry”

Carnival Corporation has announced an agreement to implement “the best wi-fi experience across the industry,” according to the company. This is from the partnership with SES Network to implement the Medallion Net, which promises to improve the satellite connection to offer an internet service that surpasses the expectations of the cruzeiristas. The company operates with the brands Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Costa Cruises, among others.

“Constantly listening to our visitors, we know that Wi-Fi connectivity is important to many of them.” For those who want to remain disconnected, they are totally free to do so. let all your acquaintances know they are having a fabulous vacation, “said John Padgett, the chief executive in experience and innovation at Carnival Corporation.

Created at Carnival’s Global Innovation and Experience Center in Miami, Medallion Net will focus on “customer centrism” – a service based on the needs of specific customers seeking Carnival cruises. This is because being the only supplier using both GEO and MEO, the cruise company expects to offer enough speed to use immersive media and interactive content with games. Still, antennas have been promised that capture this signal at the highest possible intensity, while minimizing possible interference with bad weather.

Carnival also promises more details on the initiative this year, which has yet to start its cruise.

Source: Panrotas