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Mega ship inaugurates services to Brazilians


The mega ship Costa Diadema brings news to the tourism market and performs services dedicated especially to Brazilian guests, as well as mobility and comfort in the stay. In addition, all cruises aboard the Costa Diadema will be customized with printed materials in Portuguese and will have a crew that speaks the language for personalized service as of this month.

In addition, the logbooks with activities and attractions scheduled throughout the cruise are now delivered in Portuguese in the cabins.

In activity in the waters of the Mediterranean, the Costa Diadema navigates in the 12 months of the year by the main tourist cities of Europe. On seven-night cruises, the mega-ship travels through the beautiful Italian landscapes of Savona, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Cagliari and Palermo; the Spanish towns of Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, ​​and Marseilles in France. It is possible to meet in seven nights three European countries aboard the transatlantic.

For Brazilians who want to know these different European destinations at one time and with the convenience of having a crew that speaks their language, Costa provides air & sea packages with weekly flights. With the package, the guest travels aboard the Costa Diadema with promotional air fares and transfers that facilitate the ship’s travel to European airports.

“In nearly 70 years of operation, many Brazilians have already had the opportunity to cruise South America with Costa. Now our challenge is to make them explore the world, starting with Costa Diadema, our most technological and modern ship, at any time of the year, including during the winter of Europe, without worrying about the language, “says Dario Rustico, director general of Sales and Marketing of Costa Cruises for South America.

Costa Diadema

Great representative of the concept finest italy’s, the transatlantic meets the best of Italian gastronomy and hospitality on the high seas. Brazilians can sample the traditional Italian buffalo mule made entirely on board, as well as 100% natural-baked pizzas and pastas, and gourmet burgers made with Italian beef. The Costa Diadema also has the genuine Italian gelato and more than 100 organic and sustainable wine labels. Another exclusive attraction available in Costa Diadema and success among Brazilians is the Pepper robot that interacts and does selfies.

The cruises aboard the mega ship Costa Diadema can be purchased up to 10 times without interest in the credit card through the website and also through the Costa Extra portal, exclusive to travel agencies.


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Source: DailyTourism