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New perspectives for the tourism market at Fecomércio MG Tourism Week

The optimism surrounding the new perspectives for the tourism market set the tone of the talk “Commerce and Tourism Viajam Juntos”, by the Director of Institutional Relations of Senac, Antonio Henrique Borges Paula. At the Abílio Barreto Historical Museum, he opened the 4th Fecomércio MG Tourism Week, Sesc and Senac, last Tuesday (September 26), with a presentation of the global panorama of the sector in Brazil, and an invitation to entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and adapt to new – and good – perspectives.

Borges, who is also a member of the National Tourism Council (linked to the Ministry of Tourism) and the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), estimates that the segment goes through a singular moment. “We can take advantage of this recovery scenario of the economy of the country, but it takes humility to absorb the new model of tourism that is configured and, mainly, to promote the mental transformation that it demands. Today, 50% of the world’s knowledge changes every year. In three, we will be obsolete, if we do not update ourselves, “he says.

He explains that we need to understand tourism in a scientific way. “Logic, from now on, are the algorithms. Tourists expect a more detailed and individualized service. In general, they do not only want to contemplate but to live the experience “, emphasizes the director of Senac. By citing the algorithms (big data), a series of codes based on artificial intelligence and much worked on social networks to understand the habits of the users, Borges indicates the relevance of the “content” shaped to the client, that is, the elaboration of scripts customized.

In addition, tourism development will continue to be anchored in political, environmental, cultural and social sustainability. “Here in Minas, we have the example of this fundamental rescue of the culinary traditions and the preservation of the local values ​​that Senac has done, with the project Primórdios da Cozinha Mineira, which is already configured as a program, due to the dimensions it has taken,” according to the specialist.

This Senac initiative, developed with students of the Technological course in Gastronomy, offered by the organization, aims to preserve the habits, techniques and food products of the first inhabitants of the State. The initial results were presented to the public by the students themselves, on the second day of the Tourism Week (September 27th), and with the holding of the Primórdios da Cozinha Mineira Feirinha, which brought together eight producers from the Region of Entre Serras in the events of the System.

Priscila Cristovam da Silva Amaral, a resident of Morro D’Agua Quente, district of Catas Altas, was one of the producers chosen. She took the opportunity, rather than selling her tasty guava, dulce de leche, jabuticaba, and coffee, to emphasize the importance of the project. “The influence of the Primórdios was enormous in the community, both for the generation of income and for the valorization of the woman. We understand that what the earth gives us is valuable; we learned to improve our product and expand our production, “he explained. Nowadays, the local articles are greengrocers, sweets, honey and by-products, handmade beers, wines and cheese awarded nationally, as well as handicrafts.

The fourth edition of the Tourism Week of the Fecomércio System, SESC and SENAC was held from September 26 to 30, with the aim of showing that trade and tourism feed back and help create business opportunities, thus contributing to the development of the local economy and the country. The program also featured the lecture “The seven pillars of e-commerce: how to have a successful virtual store”, taught by the administrator and professor of the Dom Cabral Foundation, Leonardo Neves, as well as accounting guidelines for entrepreneurs. Inhotim, the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Sanctuary and the Serra do Curral promoted by SESC and actions in six cities in the interior of Minas Gerais were also carried out.