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New York to receive Legoland park

The state of New York will be the stage for another unit of the Legoland parks. The information was confirmed by Merlin Entertainments CEO Nick Varney who has already estimated that the new park should be opened in Goshen, a town two hours’ drive from the world’s largest city by 2020.

“We spent a lot of time building relationships in the community, listening and responding to concerns, and we are now looking forward to building a theme park and completing the region’s varieties,” said Varney.

Although the announcement was made last Wednesday (25), the company points out that since last year the construction plans were already in progress, but it was necessary to await the endorsement of the Planning Council of Goshen.

According to Verney, the wait will be rewarding: the location chosen for the new park “is excellent.” The executive also emphasizes that the new venture will maintain the same pattern of the other parks and will have an investment of US $ 350 million. The expectation will be to serve the public beyond Goshen, coming from Orange Country, Hudson, Valley and the city of New York itself.

The park’s design will not leak much of what is seen in other US states, such as Florida and California, and in Germany, Malaysia, Dubai and Japan.

Photo: Reproduction / E-Global Travel Media
Source: Panrotas