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Number of international landings increases in 2017

According to the latest survey by the Ministry of Tourism, Brazil registered 5,071,788 international landings in the first half of 2017, increasing the index by 1.97% compared to the same period last year. In 2016, 4,798,119 international landings were made in the country between January and June.

Thinking of these numbers, online travel agency, ViajaNet, listed the ten most sought after international destinations in the first half of 2017, compared to searches conducted in the same period in 2016. This year, the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, ranked first, followed by Santiago, Chile. The city of Miami occupied the third position, losing the heading of destiny more looked for by the Brazilians, as seen last year.

As it has drawn attention, the United States has not topped the list for 2017, which is in line with previous research conducted by the tourism agency. This is because, in surveys conducted in the first months of this year, destinations in the United States had more expensive air tickets when compared to 2016. In contrast, the same studies showed that many destinations in Europe, Latin America and Asia showed a drop in prices of e-tickets.

Another trip that was not in the Brazilian script in 2016, but entered the TOP 10 of 2017 was Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Also, in the first half of this year, the average price of air tickets for Asia was R $ 2,590, while the average in 2016 was R $ 3,274, a saving of 20%.

According to Gustavo Mariotto, marketing manager of ViajaNet, the trend is that airfare prices will not fluctuate significantly in 2018, which could contribute to an even greater increase in demand for international tickets next year. “If positive forecasts involving our economy come to fruition, international landings are likely to remain heated next year, especially to destinations located in Latin America and the Caribbean,” says the executive.

The following is a follow-up of the first half of 2016 and 2017:

10 most wanted international cities in the first half of 2017 Average value of air tickets in the first half of 2017
1.Lisboa (POR) R$3.014
2. Santiago (CHI) R$1.173
3. Miami (EUA) R$2.665
4. Nova York (EUA) R$2.893
5.Madri (ESP) R$2.410
6. Buenos Aires (ARG) R$1.136
7. Toronto (CAN) R$3.027
8. Los Angeles (EUA) R$2.598
9. Bangkok (TAI) R$2.590
10. Orlando (EUA) R$2.598



10 most wanted international cities in the first half of 2016 Average value of air tickets in the first half of 2016
1.Miami (EUA) R$2.114
2.Nova York (EUA) R$2.232
3.Orlando (EUA) R$2.179
4.Lisboa (POR) R$2.732
5.Buenos Aires (ARG) R$1.184
6. Santiago (CHI) R$1.306
7. Los Angeles (EUA) R$2.350
8. Madri (ESP) R$2.431
9. Toronto (CAN) R$2.818
10. Las Vegas (EUA) R$2.125