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Overcrowding of tourists will be a complication in Amsterdam

There is a fine line between success in tourism and overcrowding in cities considered success in visitation. This factor has become a complication for popular destinations, as pointed out in a report recently released by Euromonitor International during WTM London 2017.

The Top 100 City Destination Ranking study points out that the importance of tourism has been confused with mass tourism. “Barcelona and Venice are great examples of cities that are facing overpopulation. For Venice, the main ‘culprits’ are cruise visitors, “the statement said.

An analysis of inhabitants by square kilometers shows that, like the examples mentioned above, Amsterdam is close to facing this condition.

Among the 10 most visited in Europe, the capital of the Netherlands has 850 thousand inhabitants and received 6.34 million visitors in 2016. For this year, the goal is to reach 6.57 million (+ 3.6%). By 2025 the arrival of 7.5 million tourists from around the world is expected.

As a measure to keep this excessive flow, the city of Amsterdam devised a plan to attract visitors who spend more money by increasing the tourist fee by 10 euros.

“We need more people who really spend more money. We would prefer people who spend a few nights, visit museums, have a generous meal in restaurants for people who come in for a weekend eating falafel as they wander through the Red Light District, “said Amsterdam Finance Advisor Udo Kock.

While Brazil struggles to attract more visitors, there are cities – and not specifically countries – that sin because of their excess, as is the case of Venice in Italy.
Unesco’s World Heritage Committee presents “extreme concern” about the tourism boom in this particular destination. The inhabitants of the city created a campaign inspired by the island of Santorini, Greece, to restrict cruise visits.

“Tourism is important to the national and local economies and many destinations have worked hard to attract visitors over the years. Some are now becoming victims of their own success and ‘overturning’ has begun to become a real problem, “said WTM Senior Director of London Simon Press.

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