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Palmas wins important project for tourism growth


At only 28 years old, since its inauguration in 1989, Palmas is the newest planned capital of the world. The young city, now the capital of the state of Tocantins, has an estimated population of 286,000, although it is designed to accommodate up to two million residents.

Palmas has hosted major international events, such as the World Indigenous Peoples Games, Ironman Brazil, as well as large regional festivals such as the Gastronomic Festival of Taquaruçu, district of the capital, and the Palmas Capital of the Faith, as an alternative to the Carnival that has already been out of the city’s event circuit for five years. According to the mayor of Palmas, Carlos Amastha, the city has great expectations of growth and in the tourism sector is no different. “We do not have to compete with the Rio Carnival, Olinda or other big events in Brazil. We can explore the potential of Palmas for event tourism, business and quality services, “says Amastha.

Tourism as business

Built purposely between Lago de Palmas and Serra, the capital of Tocantins is favored by a scenic construction, with a pleasant climate, with mild winds and heat that lasts the whole year. For the president of the Municipal Tourism Agency of Palmas (Agtur), Cristiano Rodrigues, tourism provides income, generates business and, therefore, the capital has invested heavily in events, health, tourism poles and sport fishing.

“The city has many opportunities. People stopped going to São Paulo, Goiânia or Mato Grosso to come to Palmas in search of good doctors or to work. We want to become a reference in health tourism and expand event tourism, as well as being the gateway to Jalapão and other points “, explains Rodrigues.

Sustainable Growth

With a project for 20 years of development, Palmas was created with the purpose of promoting sustainable and planned growth in the Northern region of the country. “Here you can start right and grow with quality of life,” says Cristiano Rodrigues.

With more than five thousand beds to accommodate visitors and tourists, the capital of Tocantins also has at least five beaches that surround Lake of Palmas, especially Graciosa Beach, with a charming sunset.

Those planning a trip to Jalapão should consider a stop in Palmas for a few days to get to know their beaches, take a paragliding flight through the Serra do Carmo (R $ 250 per person) and enjoy the high gastronomy of the city. Fillet steak and pirarucu with shrimp sauce from Chef Rosa Nunes’s Cabana do Lago restaurant is an indispensable stop, as is Chef Ruth Almeida’s Gastronomic Roots with its regional delicacies.


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Source: DailyTourism