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Portugal below zero: meet the only ski resort in the country

Serra da Estrela, located in the central region of Portugal, is the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal, and enchants tourists with its natural beauties, small historic villages, unique cuisine and parks that boast breathtaking landscapes . However, its great differential lies in the fact that it houses the only ski resort in the country.

The Ski Resort – Serra da Estrela, is situated in one of the highest points of the region, where the temperature can reach negative 20ºC in the winter. The offerings of activities are varied, making the joy of both families on a leisure trip, as well as professional athletes who seek to challenge their limits.

The more inexperienced can venture into an initiation class in the sport. In addition to a specialized team available to assist visitors, the venue has a cable car, ski lifts and a treadmill that serve the 18 runways of the station (nine marked and nine natural). Children can also feel the adrenaline of snow-capped mountains with traditional sledges and donuts (colored air buoys), which are the best options to enjoy with the little ones.

To explore the incredible beauties of the Sierra, the snowshoe ride is a great request. Enjoy the winter landscape and uncover the incredible puddles – pools of water filled with organic material – and lakes that originated in glacial times.

Another unparalleled experience is the gourmet picnic, which may seem simple, but at more than two thousand meters, at the highest point of the Serra da Estrela. Enjoy to celebrate a special date in a different way, tasting typical and tasty dishes of the Portuguese region with friends in a unique place.