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Prefeito João Dória afirmou que o próximo trimestre será de recuperação para a economia do país e para o setor do Turismo

The 45th ABAV International Tourism Expo and the 48th Braztoa Trade Meeting was opened today (27th) at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, with the presence of great names in tourism and politics, among ministers, deputies and businessmen, and the launch of the commemorative stamps for the National Tourism Day, celebrated on this date.

The president of ABAV, Edmar Bull, affirmed the importance of the theme declared this year by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO): International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. “It is fundamental to strengthen the sustainable debate in the tourism business and, sure enough, bringing this issue to the event where the entire industry is concentrated is effective,” says Edmar Bull.

According to Brazdaa’s president, Magda Nassar, investments in tourism in Brazil are lower than in other countries in South America, such as Chile, although the country is much larger. “It is necessary to have the support of the government, with public policies much more active. Public authorities need to take a strategic look at the sector, cleanly from corruption. The current scenario is not the most hopeful, but we are working to get the sector to receive the necessary investments, “says Nassar.

At the time, the attending public was able to accompany an obliteration ceremony – the process of stamping the stamps before circulation on the streets. “The Post Office has economic and disruption challenges. We can no longer rely on postcards in the core business with the tourism sector, for example. We live in another moment and we need to develop attractive solutions, such as special and commemorative stamps, “reflected Post Office President Guilherme Campos. “The tourism sector has to be better used by the population in practical ways,” he added.

During the opening ceremony, officials cited the program Rio de Janeiro to January – cultural events agenda for the state of Rio de Janeiro during 2018 – as one of the most powerful tools in the state’s recovery. According to the president of Embratur, Vinicius Lummertz, Rio will receive more than 25 million reais in infrastructure works, which will impact on a 20% increase in the number of tourists received by the country, in addition to the generation of more than 170 thousand jobs . “The entry of European airlines in Brazil that practice lower tariffs, known as low costs, will also be another factor driving tourism in Rio and the rest of the country.”

The Embratur executive believes that through dialogue, convergence of purpose and negotiation within the sector, we will achieve important results. “The ABAV Expo is essential in this area, because strategic meetings generate more profitability,” concluded Lummertz.

The Minister of Tourism, Marx Beltrão, also participated in the ceremony and stressed that, in less than a year at the helm of the ministry, he has already managed to place tourism on the country’s economic agenda. “We launched in April the program Brasil Mais Turismo, which is a set of actions and initiatives that leverage the sector.” He also appealed to exhibitors and visitors to the fair: “Talk to Congress! Talk to the secretaries so they can vote on more actions that will increase investment and industry competitiveness. ”

Sérgio de Sá Leitão, Minister of Culture, discussed the creation of the working group in the federal government to implement more strategic actions in both Tourism and Creative Economy, since together they represent more than 8% of the national GDP, and made a request: “you, participants of the ABAV Expo, appropriate these cultural events from the calendar of Rio de Janeiro to January for the development of Tourism. You have this strong tool in your hands. ”

The mayor of São Paulo, João Dória, finalized the ceremony by giving a retrospective of his journey in Tourism, from secretary to the president of Embratur. He spoke first hand about the São Paulo plus Rio program, announcing that the Rio de Janeiro to January agenda will occur in a shared way with São Paulo. “It will be a two-way job, with events and activities shared in both cities,” he said.

Doria finalized his speech with a look of hope for the participants of the fair. “The last quarter of the year will reflect the improvement in the economy and, consequently, we will start the year with better expectations. That is why, I beg you: invest, mobilize, develop and bring to the streets your projects that were parked in the recession period. The prospects are of hope and progress. ”

Soon after the speeches of the authorities, there was the solemn cut of the inaugural ribbon, initiating the activities of ABAV Expo 2017.

Photo: Daniel Vorley / ABAV