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Research presents the 10 most hospitable cities in Brazil

Airbnb, the largest home sharing platform in the world, today announces a ranking of the most hospitable destinations in Brazil. To reach the list of the top 10 cities in the country, the platform evaluated the five-star ratings credited by its users to the hosts in the last 12 months. TOP 3 is led by São João Del Rei in Minas Gerais, Penha in Santa Catarina and Teresópolis in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the list of the 10 most hospitable destinations in Brazil:

1 – London, UK

2 – Penha, SC

3 – Teresópolis, RJ

4 – Bento Gonçalves, RS

5 – Piumhi, MG

6 – Florianópolis, SC

7 – Resende, RJ

8 – Vitoria, ES

9 – Waterloo, ON

10 – Caxias do Sul, RS

Part of the circuit of historic cities, São João del Rei is the most hospitable destination in Brazil. According to superhost Eliane Agostini Monteiro, who hosts guests in two suites available in her home, the charming city does not attract tourists just by allying a gorgeous color, architecture, artists and gastronomy. “São João del Rei is cozy and the miner is special. We are hospitable and cheerful. This is a particular and natural thing of our people and it infects everyone who visits us, “she explains. In addition to knowing the attractions of the historical center with the souvenirs of Brazil Colony as houses, churches and museums, Eliane also suggests that the traveler breaks through the neighboring cities “We are surrounded by rich destinations like Tiradentes, with its gastronomic festival, Carrancas, with beautiful waterfalls , Bichinho and its crafts, Resende da Costa and the textile art among others “lists.

In addition to the charisma and prose of prose so characteristic of the miners, the hosts of São João del Rei are still extremely careful. For superhost Alzirah Agostini Haddadt, Zhi, who has hosted more than 200 people since joining the platform in 2014, the secret is to take the place of the other. “I get my guests how I would like to be treated. I also always try to listen to what they say and perfect me, because they are simple things that make a difference, such as a clean environment, an interesting book, a letter with tips of what to do in the destination … I have traveled to other countries and received this attention, so I wanted to do the same thing for other people in my city, “he points out.

The growth of São João del Rei in Airbnb only shows that Brazilians agree with the ranking. The city recorded a 145% increase in guest arrivals in the last year and a 124% increase in the number of ads on the platform over the same period.

One of the most sought after destinations by Brazilian families ranks second in the list of the most hospitable. Located on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, Penha is well known for its proximity to the largest theme park in Latin America, which is very successful with children of all ages. In addition, it has 19 beautiful beaches and a typical gastronomy based on the abundant seafood in the region.

Fábio Luiz Silveira Corrêa is superhost in Penha and says that travelers usually visit the city with a main focus in the park and do not pay attention to the region’s beaches, some even with almost untouched beauty / nature. His apartments and homes are successful among travelers, who point out to each other, thanks to the receptivity he and his family provide. The secret, according to him, is to make travelers feel at home before even arriving in the city. “Before the trip we created groups in messaging applications to facilitate communication with visitors. In it we pass the indispensable information as well as tips on places, restaurants and sights that must be visited. When they arrive, they are greeted with a welcome basket with some treats, such as chocolates, juices and treats, the mime makes them feel at home. “, Reveals the host.

Third in the list of the most hospitable in Brazil is the city of Teresópolis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The destination is known for ecotourism and adventure tourism, especially for mountaineering and has several natural attractions such as the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, with the waterfalls of the Ibiú and of the Friars and the Dedo de Deus peak. Ideal for a family trip.