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Singapore is the destination that has strength in your passport

According to the Passport Index, which ranks countries according to the strength of their passports, the Singapore document is the strongest at the time, allowing access to 159 countries without visas. Singapore topped Germany, the former leader of the ranking.

That number has recently changed with Paraguay’s decision to withdraw the visa application for holders of the Singapore passport. Thus, the Asian country occupies the first position alone, leaving Germany in second place with 158 countries.

For the first time ever, an Asian country has topped the list of strongest passports, according to Arton Capital managing director of Passport Index Phillipe May. “Singapore has steadily increased the strength of its passport since it became a country independent in 1965, “May told CNN.

Meanwhile, the US passport lost strength with the presidency of Donald Trump. The country has lost access without visas to Turkey and the Central African Republic, and with that, fell to sixth place in the ranking. Brazil, on the other hand, divides 14th place in the list with Croatia, with its passport giving access to 144 countries.

Check out the top ten positions in the ranking below.
Rank Country (s) No. of countries you have access to without a visa
1 Singapore 159
2 Germany 158
3 Sweden and South Korea 157
4 Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan and the United Kingdom 156
5 Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal 155
6 Malaysia, Ireland, Canada and the United States 154
7 Australia, Greece and New Zealand 153
8 Malta, Czech Republic and Iceland 152
9 Hungary 150
10 Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia 149
14 Brazil and Croatia 144

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Source: Panrotas