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South Africa: Trends for luxury celebrations in wine regions

For those who have had the opportunity to get to know South Africa, know that this is a very rich country and with a diversity of activities that are not just Safari. Here it is possible to explore adventure sports, an evening and gastronomy of the vibrant Cape Town and of course the romantic and charming wine regions.

Today, South Africa is becoming a trend and could not fail to become important when one thinks of exclusive celebrations in the wine producing regions of Franschhoek, Stellenboch and Hermanus.

The scenery is breathtaking, surrounded by mountains that look like sculptures with vineyards, lakes and rivers forming a landscape where couples can have a moment more than unforgettable.

However, the challenge for celebrations is to find properties with structure and comfort that are efficient in taking care of every detail so that the moment of the event is perfect. Another essential detail is the gastronomy, wine options and even honeymoon packages and special post-celebration activities.

After 90 days of searching and intense visits by the country, we selected below the 5 best properties, each with its unique charm and differential. We consider from the modern to the rustic what is best to please gourmets and couples more demanding!

1. Oldenburg

One of the most beautiful properties in the entire wine region is Villa The Homestead from the producing lands of the award-winning wines of Oldenburg Vineyards. With more than 200 years this luxury mansion has been completely renovated and modernized inside, retaining the charm of its original Dutch architecture.

There is no picture that can describe the beauty of this place, the feeling is of being completely protected by the majestic mountains of Banghoek Valley, a place blessed by its nature. The vineyards form one of the most beautiful landscapes that surround this property.

The lucky ones who choose this exclusive property enjoy a luxurious 600 m2 mansion with double-height and two floors of pure elegance and beauty.

In order to call yourselves this beautiful house, guests have to anticipate it because the demand is high to have such privacy, luxury and convenience in the middle of the local wine region. Whoever makes that choice will surely have one of the best experiences of life in every way.

Here the three slogans are: exuberance, indulgence and privacy.

With the possibility of accommodating up to 12 people in luxurious rooms (all with views) this true dream house still offers guests a private wine cellar, dedicated chef, 2 living rooms and 2 dining rooms with fireplace plus a magnificent garden with pool face the mountains and even private gym which is just a few steps from the Villa.

Celebrating on this property tasting premium wines surrounded by a stunning and romantic landscape is collecting moments for a lifetime.

2. Delaire Graff

Delaire Graff is the jewel of the Stellenbosch wineries, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and luxurious properties in South Africa. It is no wonder that Delaire is elected virtually every year as a Hotel Relaix Chateaux – category that chooses the best hotels in Worldwide.

Its premium wines and cuisine are another trademark that demonstrates the high standard of quality of this property.

Each of the 10 luxurious rooms has its private pool with mountain views and details such as a minibar filled with the best wines and spirits that are already included in the daily rate. An equipped kitchen and details such as automated TVs and BOSE stereos still complete the sophistication of the environment.

If you wish to have a magical moment in a place that combines a very high standard of accommodation, services and pampering, surrounded by an outdoor setting of beautiful mountains and one of the most important collections of art and sculpture works arranged by the beautiful gardens, this is the place.

But run, for Delaire Graff is very much in competition both for high-level celebrations and for his restaurants of the highest gastronomy of Stellenboch

The cuisine is a chapter by piece – impeccable in the combination of flavors with artistic presentation and has 2 extraordinary restaurants: Delaire Graff Restaurant of international cuisine and the Indochine with Asian influence and amazing dishes.

The Spa provides one of the best treatments and beauty products that any bride or groom seeking total relaxation might want.

A celebration here can be even more “bright” if accompanied by a Graff jewel, this is because Delaire still has the luxury boutique world famous for its diamonds inside its property.

Bosjes Farm This property is something out of the ordinary, surrounded 360 degrees by mountains in the regions of Breede Valley that combines the original historic architecture of 1790 with modern interior and new award winning constructions of design and architecture.

Its chapel is a masterpiece, all glazed with breathtaking views and with architecture and design that sends the wings of an angel. Its access is made by a wing superimposed on a mirror of water in the open air and with biblical inscriptions along the way that give charm and meaning to the moment of celebration.

The property has a reduced number of accommodations to preserve the privacy and exclusivity of families and couples who want to enjoy a day, weekend or special moment.

In the same property is the restaurant Bosjes Kombuis with lean menu, contemporary and elaborated from local ingredients. The wines are quite exclusive, and some labels are only possible to get there, such as MCC Livia’s Laughter, which was made in honor of the only female daughter of 11 men from the local wine producing family of the Breede Valley region where Bosjes is located.

4. Mosaic Privet Sanctuary

Located in one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of South Africa, you will find the charming lodges facing the Klein River lagoon. This property besides counting on 5 star service sits in one of the most beloved regions by South African high society.

The feeling here is of peace and relaxation. One of the highlights of Mosaic is the amazingly primed SPA with excellent treatments for beauty and relaxation

But do not think you, who likes activities, will get bored.

The property offers quadricicles with incredible walks through the mountains and lakes, other than that the property is 15 minutes from the sea right at the point where Whales Cachalotes give the air of grace especially in September and October and of course, this is also an activity that the hotel offers . Other than that, boating, exclusive local wine tasting like the delicious Whalehaven with handmade chocolates made based on the terroir of the wines. The list of activities that surprise not to, and even the preparation of cocktails made with one of the best local Gins, with handmade and limited production, such as the famous Inverroche, is prepared by the hotel.

Celebrations in the private cottages for friends and families or in the cozy lodges across the pond can also be complemented with the local chef’s spices Bridget who prepares fish and seafood on the grill and cocktail of canapés worthy of first-rate banquets.

Charm, exclusivity plus many options of activities can be enjoyed here at Mosaic, worth checking out!

5. Montpellier

One of the largest terroirs in the Tulbagh region and South Africa’s oldest wine estate, Montpellier enchants you with its charm and authenticity which translates to the work and commitment of generations more than 300 years ago. Montpellier has something that no other property we visit has, an atmosphere that leads you to live in another era, a property that disconnects you from the stress of the city and leads you to an immersion in these enchanted lands of peace and harmony with beautiful scenery.

A celebration here is for those who can enjoy the luxury of living on a farm, but with every comfort and structure for a wedding or celebration to take place.

Unpretentiously in the dazzling wine cellar with pianos, carpeting and rooms that appear to be charming hideouts or outdoors in the colorful gardens, any ceremony gains extra charm.

In addition to taking care of every detail of the celebrations the brides can arrive in a luxury vehicle of yesteryear, in vintage style and super original.

The wines are a separate event, with completely exclusive production and most important winners of successive prizes. Most wines are only possible to meet there and if you’re still lucky you can meet the talented hands of Danie Van Der Westhuizen,

responsible for one of the car chef’s house wines, the award winning MCC Montpellier Brut fetus through the classic cape method, which is the process of Champenoise in the Western Cape. A real privilege that this piece of land offers for the few.

Keeping the farm style, with sun loungers, a charming chapel, swimming pool, horses, dogs, trails and a chapel, Lucas van Tonder who acquired the property in 2011, gave new life to the farm and proves that it is possible to maintain a lifestyle and authenticity. It is not at all that Montpellier continues to surpass itself and today it is one of the most requested places for events, weddings and for its wines.


Regardless of the wine region of interest, before starting the journey it is important to plan the logistics well. Other than that, if the idea is to take advantage of and pass through several properties, the transfer service ends up being fundamental.

In the region, there are several options, from luxury cars to helicopters, in the case of CLUB AFRICAE BY KOBO; which provides even a local driver to stay all day at your disposal.

A simpler but also effective and reliable option is the P.T Tours.

Most of the drivers are bilingual and some even speak Portuguese.

Distances: The main wine regions of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and the beautiful Hermanus and Tulbagh are on average 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cape Town.