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Thirteen Brazilian destinations for next summer

The hotel chain Vert Hotels offers a range of options for travelers who are already planning for the summer. It can be either in the Southeast, Northeast, North or even in Argentina. With twenty hotels spread all over Brazil in twelve different destinations and eleven options for hosting AADESA in Argentina – whether in the capital or near Patagonia – the network is prepared to cater for all types of tourists.
São Paulo – The famous land of the drizzle is the main financial and corporate center of Latin America and the seventh most populous city in the world. The most visited monuments, parks and museums of the country are concentrated in the capital of the state. The Latin American Memorial, the Ipiranga Museum, the MASP, the Ibirapuera Park, the São Paulo Botanical Garden and Avenida Paulista, as well as major events such as the International Art Biennial, the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix , São Paulo Fashion Week and the LGBT Pride Parade are the city’s biggest tourist attractions.
Campinas – SP – In the interior of São Paulo, it was considered by the index based on data from the 2010 IBGE Census as the fifth place among the 100 Best and Largest Brazilian Cities. The city is responsible for approximately 15% of all the scientific production of the country, besides being an industrial and commercial reference point.
Osasco – SP – Located in the western zone of the metropolitan region of the city of São Paulo, Osasco has a privileged location, among the main highways, marginal and rodoanel. The city that carries the nickname “city-work”, bets on business tourism and boasts high hotel, gastronomic and cultural infrastructure. In addition, it also offers various leisure options in major shopping centers, ecological parks, squares, museums, theaters and cultural houses that depict its origins and the development of its history, which began in the nineteenth century with Italian immigration.
Belo Horizonte – MG – Considered as the capital of the botecos, Belo Horizonte has already been indicated as a metropolis with better quality of life in Latin America by the Population Criss Committee of the Onu, and exerts national and international influence from the cultural, economic and political points of view. Monuments, parks, museums, neighborhoods, such as the Savassi, International Theater Festival, Stage and Street, International Short Film Festival and International Meeting of Literature in Portuguese Language.
Lagoa Santa – MG – The name originates in the curative value of its waters. Felipe Rodrigues, traveling tropeiro and founder of the city, felt the beneficial effect of these waters when obtaining the cicatrization of his leg vacation when he washed them in the lagoon. The city is 35 kilometers from BH and is part of the Caves Circuit, a tourist route of Minas Gerias.
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Rio is the largest international tourist destination in Brazil, Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere, and is also known for its famous and busy beaches. In 2012, part of the state capital was designated by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Internationally, the city of Rio de Janeiro is the best-known Brazilian municipality and home to the country’s main economic, financial and cultural centers, such as Cristo Redentor on Corcovado Hill, Arcos da Lapa, Pão de Açúcar, Maracanã Stadium and the Municipal Theater.
Macaé – RJ – Macaé is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, also known as “Princesinha do Atlântico” and “National Capital of Petroleum”, with 23 kilometers of coastline. In recent years, it was the most culturally and economically developed city in the state. Its municipal prefecture was designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and the whole city attracts the attention of the visitors, both for its beautiful beaches and cultural history as well as for receiving well-known national and international events.
Campos dos Goytacazes – RJ – Campos dos Goytacazes is the most populous city in the interior of RJ. It has diverse natural attractions, with diverse fauna and flora, result of creation of the municipality along the Paraíba do Sul River.
Natal – RN – The capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, is located in the northeast of the country and is known internationally for its culture and sights, including monuments, parks, museums, theaters and architectural works.
Recife – PE – The city emerged in the colonial period and is also the capital of the state of Pernambuco. Its cultural effervescence and its famous architectural ensembles are tourist attractions that attract the attention of visitors. In addition, Recife has a great commercial vocation and is Northeastern capital with a better index of Urban Development.
Linhares – ES – Municipality of Espírito Santo bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays, it is the main city of northern Capixaba, with a high rate of development and one of the best destinations for investment

Parauapebas – PA – One of the most developed municipalities in Pará, it houses forests, rivers, mountains and mineral deposits, rich in iron ore, copper, gold and manganese. The city has an excellent infrastructure of access and transport like airport, highways and railroad. Imbedded at the foot of the Serra dos Carajás, Parauapebas is colored by thousands of ipês that surround avenues, squares and parks. Destination is a great choice for a family vacation.

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