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Travel agency estimates a 20% increase in international packages only

The dollar price is still not ideal to make a trip abroad, as it continues above R $ 3. Even so, the idea of ​​knowing new lands continues in the short-term plans of many Brazilians.

And for those who think that travel agents are registering a drop in the search for packages by international destinations, it is wrong. According to data from the Central Bank, the expenses of Brazilians abroad increased 23% in April this year, to US $ 1.32 billion. This is the highest value for that month since 2015, when they totaled US $ 1.64 billion.

Henrique Mol, executive director of the Find Your Travel franchise, estimates that the understanding of Brazilians with the economy is improving, as it is presenting a more favorable picture, which reflects in the confidence of the consumer. Another fact pointed out by the businessman is the reduction of the price of the dollar, especially compared to last year, in addition to promotions made by airlines.

When the US currency is lower, spending on foreign hotels and tickets quoted in foreign currencies, as well as overheads also retreat, which helps to make them more attractive, and vice versa.

Mol points out that even though the dollar is not yet controlled, international tourism recorded an average of 20% more sales, only in the first half of this year. “Without doubt the year 2017 will be much better than it was last year. For this, the Find Your Trip network encourages daily promotions that we receive from our suppliers. The number has been high and this reflects in the increase of the volume of sales by opportunity “, assures the entrepreneur.

Expenses of Brazilians abroad

According to data recently released by the Central Bank, Brazilians spent US $ 1.510 billion in international travel in June, up 10.09% over the same month last year (US $ 1.372 billion) and 0.94% compared to May (US $ 1.496 billion).

As a result, Brazilian expenses abroad totaled US $ 8.805 billion in the first six months of the year, 34.8% higher than the same period of last year (US $ 6.532 billion).

Beaches paradise

The waters of the Caribbean Sea, located between Central America and South America, have always caught the attention of tourists. And also not for less, since they are known to shelter the most beautiful beaches in the world.

To meet this audience, Find Your Travel constantly has package deals for the Caribbean and has left the dream of knowing these incredible beaches closer and closer to Brazilians. Henrique points out that sales to this destination are excellent and are one of the most sought after. As a result, the brand has shipped some franchisees from the network to locations such as Aruba and Cancun to participate in on-site training of the destination, thereby further enhancing sales.

The choice also for these beaches is attributed to crystal clear waters and very quiet, ideal place to travel for two and also with the whole family, including children.

Top destinations

There are so many places to get to know Brazil that it is difficult to choose just one. Considering only the preferences of the Brazilians, South Africa is the most desired place for Brazilians as a destination to visit in 2017, including as honeymoon trips. Among the emerging countries, Japan and Portugal are among the most requested, and the United States and Italy remain favorites in the one-week international scripts.

Consolidated market

The tourism sector that suffered a drop last year, began to take a breath. According to the latest data released by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), the hotel and tourism sector, in the first quarter of this year, posted a 31% increase in sales compared to the same period of 2016.

The expressive result shows the recovery of the segment that in the first three months of last year had recorded a 15% drop in revenue. The greater stability of the dollar, the reduction of household indebtedness also explains the significant expansion.

“We believe in the prospect of growth in the economy by the consumer. Last year, we saw uncertainty in the economy with no signs of improvement and this reflected directly on the consumer, where he sought to save as much as possible, cutting some expenses such as travel. To find Your Trip 2017 has been really much better than 2016. We have once again experienced double-digit growth, lower turnover of franchisees and new stores opening, “concludes Henrique Mol, who posted a growth of 8% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period analyzed in 2016.

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