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Travelers between the ages of 35 and 50 are the ones who hire travel insurance most

Travel insurance is essential for anyone who wants to have a trip without problems. Vital Card, a Schultz company, conducted a survey in October to understand the importance of insurance for travelers. According to the survey, travelers between the ages of 35 and 50 are the ones that most buy travel insurance. The destinations with the highest contracting percentage are: Europe with 40%; USA, 31.5%; other countries, 24.5%; and Brazil, 5%.

“We serve a varied audience, from 18 to 98 years. What we realize is that more experienced travelers make a point and ask for insurance. Already younger or first-time travelers often have no knowledge about travel insurance, “explained Rafael Turra, director of operations and products at Schultz.

Acceptance of travel insurance has grown over the last five years. “It’s very difficult for a person to oppose hiring when exposed to all the risks and their costs versus the value and benefit of insurance for the traveler,” added the director. Destiny is an important variable as well. Since insurance is required in Europe, people are already looking for the service. In South America, for example, some travelers choose not to hire because they believe that proximity reduces risks.

The medical factor, because of the cost that can be generated, is what motivates the hiring; plus the issue of lost luggage or travel cancellation cover.

With a turnover of 40,000,000 annually, Vital Card operates with an average ticket of R $ 110.00. In the last year, approximately 260,000 passengers traveled with insurance.